Bible Content Testing Application (page 151-152)

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Requirements & Restrictions
  1. Application (non-refundable):
    An official application must be made and approved prior to taking any of the
    B.C.T’s. Your completed and signed, application must be accompanied with the appropriate fee.
  2. Testing (non-refundable):
    Pre-payment of the required testing fee must accompany the signed application or must be paid prior to the release of the actual test to be taken. The testing fee will apply toward the tuition for credits granted.
  3. Failure:
    Should your score be less than 70 on any test, there will be no credit awarded, thus the testing fee will not apply to tuition cost and must be paid.
  4. Test Groups:
    Test are administered in groups of three (3); therefore, the maximum course credit available would be 18.
  5. Proctor-Testing:
    Should you take the B.C.T. externally, C.T.U. will need the name and address of someone who will proctor your exam. The exam time limit is 45 minutes per test. The test “cannot” be taken externally without a proctor. The test will be mailed to your proctor.
  6. Credits Awarded & Payment:
    Once the test have been scored, you will be notified of the number of credits earned to be transcripted to your academic record.

NOTICE: No credit will be placed on your official transcript in the Registrar’s Office until full payment has been received for the application, testing and credits to be awarded. All tuition due is to be paid within 10 days of score notification.

  1. Please download and open the following pdf document.
  2. Print out this document.
  3. Fill in with pen. Attach additional pages for answers, if necessary.
  4. Mail completed forms to Admissions Office at Conservative Theological University

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