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How Learning Is Delivered at Conservative Theological University

Students can earn their:

AA; BA; ThB; MA; MDiv; ThM; DMin; ThD; EdD; PhD

Every degree program is Biblically focused and academically sound, equipping each student to serve the Lord in the area of their ministry calling. Students of C.T.U. are ministering throughout the United States and around the world. Our aim is to help each student accomplish their goals within God’s will for their life.
How Our Degree Programs Are Developed

Our College division offers both Associate and Bachelor Degree programs. Each Degree program offers a variety of focus concentrations in Christian Counseling, Religious Education, Evangelism, Missions, Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministries. There are six areas of concentration for the MA Degree as well as the MDiv Degree programs. Our ThM Degree provides some of the finest programs of study anywhere in the world. The ThM Degree has a concentration on the Biblical Languages and Theology. Our four Doctorate Degree programs are distinctively unique in that each program is designed to meet the unique gifts and talents for the Lord’s work to be carried out effectively in our world of sin and indifference. You are invited to call, write, or email for your full informational enrollment packet and evaluation.

Associate of Arts = 62 credit hours
Bachelor of Arts = 124 credit hours
Bachelor of Theology = 124 credit hours
Master of Arts = 48 credit hours
Master of Divinity = 96 credit hours
Master of Theology = 96 credit hours
Doctor of Ministry = 36 credit hours
Doctor of Theology = 48 credit hours
Doctor of Religious Ed = 48 credit hours
Doctor of Philosophy = 48 credit hours

The tuition and cost are kept at an affordable level for you as a student of the Word of God.
Please call, write, or visit our website at or email [email protected] for complete tuition cost, and enrollment packet information.

Tuition Budget Finance Plan
All degree programs can be financed through Conservative Theological University’s Universal Tuition Budget Plan. Every Student is approved based upon ability and financial contract with up to 48 months for repayment.

Student admission is based on academic ability and testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. No student meeting admissions requirements will be refused because of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.

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Conservative Theological University is certified by the Florida Council of Private Colleges, and approved by the Council of Private Colleges of America.