“Go Ye Therefore, and Teach all Nations”

The mission of Conservative Theological University is to make academically sound, fundamentally Biblical education, and realistically practical training in the truth of God’s Word accessible worldwide.

This vision includes both the areas of thorough Bible knowledge as well as ministry skills development through on-campus (internal) and off-campus (external) programs of study.

Our purpose is that our students may, by the grace of God, become more effective in their walk, witness, and work in the chosen field of ministry for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Conservative Theological University, in both the undergraduate and graduate programs, provides spiritual, academic, intellectual, and professional training for a variety of fields of vocational ministry.

The students graduating with either an undergraduate or graduate degree from Conservative Theological University in Bible, Theology, Missions, Christian Education, Christian Counseling, Evangelism, Pastoral Ministries, as well as a variety of other professional focuses, are well-equipped to face vocational ministry demands. All programs of studies are designed to blend an emphasis on the inspired, inerrant Word of God with the development of ministry skills, and a conservative, theological approach to vocational ministry. Conservative Theological University trains men and women for the ministry of the Word of God or other religious vocations.