Graduate Course – Christian Education Studies (page 73)

CE 5510 – Philosophy of Christian Education
An analysis of educational philosophies in Biblical perspective leading to a personalized approach to Christian education.
(3 credits)

CE 5512 – Modern Trends in Christian Education
The examination and evaluation of contemporary books, book publishing companies and authors. An analysis is made of trends of present day literature and the new moods emerging in religious and Christian writing.
(3 credits)

CE 5515 – Techniques of Teaching
This course will provide an overview of teaching techniques common to all teachers at elementary, secondary level. It will provide general guidance in long range planning, assessment, the use of appropriate instructional strategies, providing content for learner. Monitoring and enhancing learning and classroom management.
(3 credits)

CE 5521 – Survey of Christian Education
A study leading to awareness of the historical foundations of Christian education and an understanding of present day implications in Christian education.
(3 credits)

CE 5531 – Educational Leadership
A study of the dynamics of leadership and development by comparing and contrasting various theories with the Scriptural view, culminating in a student-produced working document on the principles of leadership. (Prerequisite: CE 5510)
(3 credits)

CE 5541 – Principles and Practices of
Christian Education
A study of the major principles of Christian education, their implications in different learning environments and application within specific age groups. (Prerequisite: CE 5510)
(3 credits)

CE 5551-Principles of Curriculum
An exploration of both design and development principles, based upon curriculum theories and the role of evaluation within these principles. (Prerequisites: CE 5510 and 5541)
(3 credits)

CE 5510-e Introduction to Christian Education
This e-course provides an analysis and overview of Christian education. The student will study the theology, the development psychology, and the theory of Christian learning.
(3 credits)

CE 5560 – A Theology of Christian Education
An analysis of educational principles and philosophies leading to a Biblical approach to Christian education. An in-depth of the methods of Jesus’ teachings.
(3 credits)

CE 5579 – Seminar in Christian Education
Students may take non-CTU seminars with prior approval and specified reading and writing assignments. Specially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
(1 – 3 credits)

CE 5589 – Project in Christian Education
Students may seek approval for specialized directed study in a Christian Education area. Especially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
(1- 2 credits)

CE 5599 – Thesis In Christian Education
Research and writing on an approved subject in Christian education in lieu of prescribed courses of study in the student’s degree program.
(6 – 9 credits)