Experiential Learning Credits (page 27)

Students may apply for credit toward Conservative Theological University degree programs by selecting and completing up to 3 of the Prior Learning Experience (PLE) modes that are offered to utilize academically applicable cognitive learning experience to required courses in a program of study. Accepted applicants for a PLE will receive appropriate course credit upon satisfactory completion of the PLE mode requirements and payment of assessment application and credit fees. Prior Learning Experience modes offered:

1. BIBLE CONTENT TESTING (BCT) – Standardized Testing
The Bible Content Test copyrighted in 1947 by the American Association of Bible Colleges will be used. The test given depends upon the academic level of the student. Each test is progressive in content and rigidity. (See Bible Content Testing Info.)

Professional Learning Experience Credit (PLE)
Requires compilation of a PLE Portfolio, and advisor evaluation. Application must be made and approved to authorize the student production of a PLE Portfolio. (See section on PLA.)

Requires preparation of a MAC Portfolio, on-site and advisor evaluation. The MAC is designed for the full time Christian Ministry worker, (i.e.) evangelist, missionary, pastor, professor, etc. The on-site evaluation includes the examination and evaluation of the following:

  1. Long range ministry calendar.
  2. Long and short range ministry development projections.
  3. Long range message/sermon calendar.
  4. Long and short range Christian training program in the church.
  5. Analysis of message preparation methodology.
  6. Sermon filing system.
  7. Time management.
  8. Prayer, planning and ministry priorities
  9. Effectiveness of ministry: new members, converts, growth.
  10. Overall approach to ministry.

The evaluation of the ten major areas will, of necessity, have some overlap. The faculty adviser handling the on-site evaluation will make the final determination of quality and academic credit for the student.


The cost of the on-site evaluation shall be borne by the student. The cost will include travel, a minimum of two days’ motel accommodation and meals. The student shall also pay for the academic credits granted at the standard tuition rate. The cost of the PLA credits, BCT credits or MAC credits shall be calculated at the prevailing undergraduate or graduate level tuition.