Undergraduate Course – Computer Science (page 56-57a)

CS 101 – Personal Computer Concepts
Designed to provide a general overview of personal computers, computer concepts, a historical perspective of the PC, hardware, software, with introductions to computer applications.
(3 credits)

CS 102 – Personal Computers in Ministry
Designed to provide a general overview of compatible personal computers with a ministry perspective. Course includes computer concepts, pre-purchase considerations, hardware, software, with introductions to on-line Bible, Bible research & educational applications, church administrative applications.
(3 credits)

CS 203 – Basic Programming
An introduction to solving problems with the
BASIC programming language. Programming
experience is provided with challenging projects related to I/O, structures, loops, arrays, sorting, strings, subroutines, and functions. Prerequisite: CS 101, CS 102 or equivalent.
(3 credits)

CS 213 – Computers for the Classroom
-This course is designed for Christian school teachers. The course deals with the evaluation, selection and application of the variety of software products available for Christian schools. This course will provide hands-on experience for the student with the focus on computer use in Christian ministry.
(3 credits)

CS 303 – Intermediate Basic Programming
Second course in BASIC programming, challenging, significant projects are included to provide hands on experience involving menus, matrix operations, string application, files, plotting, graphics and modular programming.
Prerequisite: CS 203
(3 credits)

CS 312-16 – Specific Studies in Computer Software
Study of special topics in particular areas of computer programming and microcomputer applications software. Course content varies according to the topic or language being studied. May be taken more than once for credit.
(3 credits)

CS 317 – Word Processing
This course consists of a survey of personal computers, the operation, general applications and specifically as applies to Christian ministry. The course deals with enhancing the personal productivity and ministry of a pastor, teacher, or church secretary. Students will learn the principles of software, selection, evaluation and use in a variety of applications. Previous knowledge of computers is not necessary but helpful.
(3 credits)

CS 351 – PC Hardware Maintenance & Service
Consideration and practical application of pc hardware concepts and technologies for system specification, construction, problem determination, and repair. Students will build and operational IBM compatible pc. Diagnostic and troubleshooting tools will be introduced and used. Prerequisite: CS 101, 102 or equivalent (Lab Fee Required)
(3 credits)

CS 471 – Data Communications
Prerequisite: CS 101, 102 or equivalent, and one other advisor approved CS 300 series course.
Consideration of the decentralization or distribution of computer resources, and the data links that make it possible. Includes the concepts, technologies, topologies, hardware, software of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and their associated network operating systems (NOS).
(3 credits)

CS 475 – Novell Network Administration
Prerequisite: CS 101, 102 or equivalent, and one other advisor approved SC 300 series course.
(3 credits)

CS 491 – Independent Study
Designed for students who wish to investigate a special interest through an approved project. Completion of the project will be under the guidance of a faculty member and all projects must be approved by the CS department.
(3 credits)

CS 497-98 – CIS Internship
Internships will cover 280-320 hours of computer information systems application employment. The student must obtain permission in advance and must have senior status.
(3 credits)