Financial Information – Refund Policy (page 100)

A Transcript fee is only assessed after the first one, which is free. This fee is applied to the cost of producing, proofing, handling and mailing the transcript, as well as appropriate recording.

The Graduation fee addresses the cost of certifying completion of requirements documents, providing information for offices of education, and the costs of graduation exercises (auditorium, guest speaker, caps and gowns, diploma and cover, etc.)

Add and Drop fees cover time and materials necessary to accommodate changes requested by a student and approved by academic personnel in the courses that are being taken.

See Fees & Tuition Schedule.



CTU recognizes that mitigating circumstances may necessitate a student having to drop out of courses and request a refund. A student is entitled to a full refund of tuition fee prior to commencement of instruction or receipt of the external course IF the student submits a written request to the financial business affairs office within three working days of the payment.

INTERNAL SEMESTER CLASSES (Refund Policy continued)
If a student requests cancellation or drop before any classes begin, tuition may
be refunded as follows:

  1. Substitutions may be made at any time. An administrative fee will be assessed for transfers
  2. A drop fee will be charged for each course withdrawal.
  3. Withdrawal prior to start of course and within three days of date of registration for the course = 100%.
  4. Request for refund beyond three days of registration and 60 days before course begins = 70%.
  5. Request for refund beyond three days of registration and 30 days before course begins = 50%.
  6. Request for refund within one week of the course = 25%.
  7. Withdrawal and request for refund after the course begins = no refund.
  8. No refund on books, supplies or charge for syllabus.

Refund request will be processed within 30 days of signed request form, with any approved refund to follow.