Our Methodology (Page 10)


…..Conservative Theological University offers internal classroom training at the Jacksonville Campus, situated on ten acres easily accessible from major Interstates I-95 and I-295, and city arteries. The Jacksonville Campus includes the administrative offices, complete classroom and library facilities, dining hall and auditorium to provide quality personal instruction and research opportunities to students who are able to attend.


…..Acknowledging the reality of ministry today, C.T.U has designed its off-campus, external independent studies to meet the educational needs of men and women who are unable or unwilling to disrupt their ministry work and other aspects of their lives to pursue Internal on-campus studies. This non-residential alternative provides quality training IN ministry FOR ministry – learning on the job, and at home through independent reading, research, study, writing, and seminars in all Programs of Study for students both in the U.S. and internationally. You do not need to move geographically to get your training and earn your degree.


…..CTU e-Course program is for students both in the U.S. and internationally.


…..In keeping with the serviceable approach to ministerial training through C.T.U., each degree program has a requisite number of practical Christian ministry oriented courses that are necessary for graduation. These PCM courses include the normal instructional content with an element requiring the demonstration and faculty evaluation of active ministerial implementations of the concepts presented in the curriculum.

…..Each PCM course requires the student to spend the equal number of clock hours each week in the field of ministry as relates to the course, i.e., personal evangelism – student to spend 3 hours per week presenting the plan of salvation under the leadership of his/her church’s senior pastor. The church pastor or designated mentor will be responsible for the reports to validate the ministry-related work completed for course credits. Other academic research and testing are also required. See each degree requests for the areas of PCM available.