Biblically Based

Conservative Theological University stands firmly upon the belief in the Divinely Inspired, Inerrant, Plenary, Infallible Holy Scriptures, Old & New Testaments, and their relevancy for our age as the Final Authority in all Doctrine, Faith, and Practice. Distinctively Biblical in its foundation, the Programs of Study and Ministry Training of CTU are designed with the prevailing emphasis upon the eternal Living Word of God.

Practical in Training

Governed by the Principles of the Word and in keeping with the vision of our mission, CTU strives to inculcate a Creative and Practical “Real Life” design to Ministry Training and Bible Teaching. This philosophy is reflected in our Programs of Study and intrinsic Methodologies on every level.


With our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ as the One and Only Head, and His Word as our Final Authority, Conservative Theological University is Trans-Denominational in its student body and ministry. CTU is unapologetically “Central Biblicist”.