Graduate Course – Pastoral, Church, and Counseling Ministry Studies (page 71-73)

PC 5410 – Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling
An introduction to the basic philosophy, principles and precepts of Nouthetic Counseling. A comparison contrast between secular psychology and Biblical anthropology as they relate to counseling.
(3 credits)

PC 5410-e Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling
This e-course provides a study of what is becoming a powerful force in the body of Jesus Christ- Nouthetic Counseling. The student is introduced to the principles and precepts of this theologically based form of counseling. In view of the fact that we find so many non-Christian, non-biblical counseling techniques and philosophies,with methodologies being employed which contradict the Word of God, the Christian must know what God’s Word has to say about this vital subject.
(3 credits)

PC 5411 – Theology of Counseling
An in-depth study of Soteriology, Bibliology, Pneumatology and Hamaritology as they relate to the philosophical base and functional implementation of counseling. (Prerequisite:PC5410)
(3 credits)

PC 5412 – Advanced Nouthetic Counseling
An implementation of those areas introduced in PC 5410, including methodology for change, question-asking techniques and the need for homework in counseling. (Prerequisites: PC 5410 & 11)
(3 credits)

PC 5413- Counseling Practicum
A study of the counseling ministry of a selected Bible character focusing on observed insights and innovations, followed by submission of verbatim of counseling sessions conducted by the student. (Prerequisite: PC 5412)
(6 credits)

PC 5420 – Counseling Internship
A practical experience providing assistance to individuals undergoing a variety of personal, family or marital problems. Students will evaluate, diagnose, prescribe, and direct a counseling program to seek improvement in the counselee’s situation. To be carried out under the supervision of appropriate personnel. A minimum of 120 clock hours of acceptable verifiable activities is required.
(Pre-requisite PC 5412)
(6 credits)

PC 5424 – Marriage and Family Counseling
A study that explores the basic philosophy and methodology of theologically-based marriage and family counseling, designed to help the counselor understand necessary principles and precepts involved in facing people who want solutions to their problems. (Prerequisite: PC 5410)
(3 credits)

PC 5425 – Counseling Youth
A study of Biblically sound approaches to the problems of contemporary youth, with focus on understanding, solving and preventing problems.
(3 credits)

PC 5426 – Crisis Counseling
A study of the most challenging problems facing society today, such as suicide, dealing with death, drugs, abuse and severe relationship disruptions. Skills are explored that provide Biblical, practical meaningful intervention. (Prerequisites: PC5410 and 5411)
(3 credits)

PC 5430 – Introduction to Counseling
An introduction to the general field of counseling from the Biblical point of view, including basic principles of human nature, techniques for studying human behavior, and introduction to the use of Scripture in counseling.
(3 credits)

PC 5431 – Ministry of Prayer
A study of the place, principles, practices and power of prayer as the essential aspect of Christian experience, culminating in the student’s opportunity to strengthen his personal prayer life.
(3 credits)

PC 5435 – Biblical vs. Secular Counseling
An analysis of the psychological methodology expressed in modern secular counseling in comparison and contrast to Nouthetic (Biblical) counseling.
(3 credits)

PC 5440 – Theories of Counseling
An examination of the counseling theories of prominent christian psychiatrist, psychologists, and counselors such as Jay Adams, Gary Collins, Larry Crabb, Frank Minirth, Charles Solomon, and others. Students will be guided toward the development of a distinctly Christian-Biblical counseling philosophy.
(3 credits)

PC 5441 – Biblical Homiletics
The art of sermon preparation and delivery, including Scripture reading, focusing on expository preaching.
(3 credits)

PC 5442 – Preaching Practicum
An intensive study of sermons preached in the past. Candidate’s sermon outlines evaluated and critiqued. Candidates will submit 2 taped sermons to be evaluated. (Doctoral Students)
(3 credits)

PC 5443-Writing for Media and Publication
A survey of the types of writing available for ministry and a study of the development of skills appropriate for those varied fields.
(3 credits)

PC 5444 – Thesis & Dissertations
A study of the methodology of research and writing of a thesis or dissertation for degree work in Bible college and seminary. (required course)
(3 credits)

PC 5445 – Youth Ministry
An overview of the history. philosophy and methodology of ministering to the youth of our society and churches, with special emphasis on evangelistic and discipleship programs and strategies.
(3 credits)

PC 5448 – The Youth Pastor
The study of the essential qualities and characteristics of the effective Youth Pastor. Building on the foundational truths of I Timothy 4:12; this study emphasizes that the youth pastor must be a Godly person before he can have a successful youth ministry. It includes guidelines for the youth pastor’s relationship to the pastor, to the church leadership, to parents, to the congregation and to the youth entrusted to him.
(3 credits)

PC 5449 – Contemporary Youth Issues
The study of crucial issues facing today’s youth. The course includes such problems a peer pressure, friendship, dating, sexual promiscuity, music, drugs and drinking.
(3 credits)

PC 5450 – Church Administration
A study of the administrative responsibilities in church ministry. Covering the basic elements of leadership, time management, planning, activating, motivation, and delegation. The emphasis is on the Biblical framework enabling students to focus on the centrality of the Scriptures for all aspects of Christian leadership.
(3 credits)

PC 5451 – Pastoral Counseling
A study of basic counseling skills employed in the setting of the pastoral ministry with emphasis on understanding the principles and techniques of counseling.
(3 credits)

PC-5452-e Pastoral Leadership
This e-course offers some guidelines for the pastor as he serves in the Gospel ministry. Some areas of study include the pastor’s calling, his first church, his care of the flock, his careful planning, his Christian ethics, and his commitment to honor the Lord Jesus Christ.
(3 credits)

PC 5461 – Pastoral Theology
A study of the call, qualifications and work of the pastor as visitor, counselor, preacher, teacher and administrator. Instruction in administering church ordinances, weddings, funerals, and overview of church policy.
(3 credits)

PC 5471 – Expository Preaching Practicum
This course requires guidance and instruction, through practical experience, in principles, and practices of expository preaching. A student’s active pulpit ministry will be the laboratory for this course.
(3 credits)

PC 5479 – Seminar in Pastoral Ministry
Students may take non-CTU seminars with prior approval and specified reading and writing assignments. Specially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
(1 – 3 credits)

PC 5489 – Project In Pastoral Ministry
Students may seek approval for specialized directed study in an area of pastoral ministries. Specially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
(1 – 2 credits)

PC 5498 – Thesis in Pastoral Ministries
Research and writing on an approved subject in pastoral ministries in lieu of prescribed courses of study in the student’s degree program.
(6 – 9 credits)

PC 5499 – Thesis In Counseling
Research and writing on an approved subject in counseling in lieu of prescribed courses of study in the student’s degree program.
(6 – 9 credits)