The Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) program (page 80-82)

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Degree Program offered by Conservative Theological University is a professional degree which is designed to provide qualified students with the opportunity to achieve a high level of competency in the practice of ministry.

The quality of and the success in ministry are often determined by the individual’s ability to communicate both orally and in writing. It is therefore the purpose of the Doctor of Ministry program to refine the spiritual gifts and abilities of the participating student. Through the development of communication, writing, and administrative skills, CTU seeks to train ministers for a more effective leadership role in their ministries.

This degree program is built upon the prerequisite of a qualified masters program (MDiv, ThM). The Doctor of Ministry program of study is comprised of a combination of curricular and academic projects, as well as a dissertation, completed under the supervision of a faculty advisor. The Doctor of Ministry program pursues competency in ministry skills, homiletics, evangelism, cults, pastoral ministry, and Christian Education from previous degree programs, which become the foundational building blocks for the DMin Program.

The DMin Degree program may be structured to focus on individual ministry, (i.e.) evangelism, counseling, Christian Education, missions, and pastoral ministry. Ability in grammar, written, and oral communication as well as oral communication and a laboratory for administrative projects are vital.

The overall purpose for the DMin curriculum is to refine, develop, stimulate, strengthen, and mature the student in the basic knowledge, proficiency, and competency in the areas of leadership, teaching, preaching, and administration.

The curriculum and academic projects are listed in the sequence in which they are to be submitted. Evaluation of completed submissions are made promptly by the faculty advisors. Continuous enrollment is required for the program and all work for the degree program must be completed within three years of initial enrollment.

The applicant must possess a qualified Master’s level degree and Biblical competency. Additionally, an applicant must demonstrate sufficient rationale for pursuing the degree and active involvement in ministry. Where the applicant’s attainments demonstrate less than normally expected for entrance into the program, special evaluation by the graduate admissions council may be required.

All grading is based upon the soundness and competency of the scholarship involved. The student will be required to resubmit all work that receives less than a ‘B’ score. It is assumed that any individual who has attained unto the level of program acceptance is competent for its completion.

The normal time for completion of the Doctor of Ministry degree program is 18-24 months. Depending upon one’s self-discipline, less time may be required. Any extension of the program time beyond 36 months must have special approval from CTU and student’s advisor.


  1. Complete and submit the application for admission.
  2. Enclose the application Fee of $25.00, payable to Conservative Theological University.
  3. Request all appropriate certified transcripts to be sent directly to the university.
  4. Request the submission of three recommendations as indicated in the application for admission.

As soon as these items have been received, your application will be processed by the Office of Admissions. Upon acceptance, you will receive procedural instructions for commencing your first phase of studies.


36 Semester Hours

DM 911: Phase One
The candidate will do a personal profile, evaluation of time usage and research papers on the inerrancy of Scripture and the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. As a preparation for the beginning stages of his dissertation, he will also do a reader-level application.

DM 912: Phase Two
The candidate will do study and writing projects in personal prayer, Bible study and current ecclesiological problems. Preparatory work will commence on the dissertation through bibliography, outline, and precis.

DM 913: Phase Three
Individual study projects will be done in Bible exposition and curriculum production. The basic publication package for the dissertation will also be submitted.

DM 914: Phase Four
Dependent on ministry emphasis, projects will be done in various practical areas: calendar planning, preaching schedule, doctrinal perspective, educational methodology, interpersonal relations, ministry methods, etc. (The first draft of the dissertation is due.)

DM 915: Phase Five
Areas of study focus will include the following as samples: leadership chart, philosophy of management, ethics in ministry, Biblical assessments, etc. The dissertation stage is a draft re-write.

DM 916: Phase Six
Study projects include appropriate application of evangelism in all ministries, the creation of a study manual, and ministry to the family. The final draft of the dissertation is due.


  • Pastoral Ministry 
  • Evangelism
  • Denominational 
  • Leadership
  • Media Ministry
  • Christian Education 
  • Counseling
  • Missions
  • Youth Ministry


  • Theology Media Ministry
  • Christian History Time Management
  • Hermeneutics Pastoral Ministry
  • Old Testament Leadership
  • New Testament Prayer
  • Homiletics Spiritual Warfare
  • Apologetics Church Music
  • Missions Christian Ethics
  • Counseling Administration
  • Christian Education Long Range Planning

36 Semester Hours – Six Submissions:

Submission One:
Dissertation Credit
Project/Course Credit

2 hrs.
3 hrs.

Submission Two:
Dissertation Credit
Project/Course Credit

2 hrs.
3 hrs.

Submission Three:
Dissertation Credit
Project/Course Credit

2 hrs.
3 hrs.

Submission Four:
Dissertation Credit
Project/Course Credit

2 hrs.
3 hrs.

Submission Five:
Dissertation Credit
Project/Course Credit

2 hrs.
3 hrs.

Submission Six:
Dissertation Credit
Project/Course Credit

2 hrs.
3 hrs.

TOTAL: 36 hours

The DMin. candidate must produce a dissertation consisting of a minimum of 200 single spaced 8 1/2 x 11 typed pages having a minimum of 50,000 words. The dissertation must conform to all CTU research and writing requirements.


Application (non-refundable) $25.00

Initial semester fee (one time only) $30.00

Registration (non-refundable) $75.00
(Paid upon application to doctoral studies)

Tuition $12,500.00

See Fees & Costs Schedule HERE

Graduation Fee $200.00

Fees and tuition costs are commensurate with other universities and seminaries. A payment plan is available for monthly installments until tuition is paid. Full tuition is due and payable as each phase is undertaken, and no refunds are made. Approved extensions of the program beyond the 36 months may require the additional payment of an extension fee. A universal tuition budget plan is also available upon request.

All financial arrangements are contracted with the Office of Business Affairs, and subject to application approval. No degree will be granted until contractual arrangements are satisfied.

See tuition budget plan page HERE