Our Philosophy (page 12)

Conservative Theological University stands firmly upon the belief in the Divinely inspired, inerrant, plenary, infallible Holy Scriptures – Old and New Testaments, and their relevancy for our age as the Final Authority in all Doctrine, Faith, and Practice. Distinctively Biblical in its foundation, the Programs of Study and Ministry Training of C.T.U. are designed with the prevailing emphasis upon the eternal Living Word of God.


Governed by the Principles of the Word and in keeping with the vision of our mission, C.T.U. strives to inculcate a creative and practical “real life” design to ministry training and Bible teaching. This philosophy is reflected in our programs of study and intrinsic methodologies on every level. The degree programs offered through Conservative Theological University are for the sole purpose of providing professional, academic, Biblically sound training for men and women for the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


With our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ as our One and Only Head, and His Word as our Final Authority, Conservative Theological University is trans-denominational in its student body and ministry. Theologically and doctrinally, Conservative Theological University is Baptistic, but, accepts students who are in agreement with our doctrinal statement regardless of denominational affiliation. Please see our Statement of Faith page.


Realizing the opportunities the Lord has afforded this generation in tools for ministry, Conservative Theological University provides hands-on-training in many of the technically advanced skills in computers and media communications with their practical ministry applications.


Many institutions of our century are relaxing the academic standards. Some institutions currently offer credit with little in the way of serious study, research or testing of the student’s level or depth of subject knowledge. Conservative Theological University retains the standards and rigors of academic-Biblical attainment for the completion of each degree program.


Guided by the literal, historical, grammatical interpretation of Scripture, we believe the Bible must be interpreted from a dispensational perspective. The Church is NOT spiritual Israel and Israel is NOT the Church. The Scripture is NOT to be viewed allegorically unless the text in context directs thus.