Financial Information – Tuition Budget Financing (page 98)
Conservative Theological University and Tuition Budget Financing

There are several alternative tuition payment methods available:

Charge Cards Accepted
American Express – Visa – Master Card – Novus – Discover

Student Tuition Loans (Non-Governmental Institutional Loans)
Fully matriculated students with any undergraduate or graduate degree program may qualify to apply for a budget payment loan. There are many lending institutions that have funds available for student loans that are “NOT” governmental programs. Many these funding sources are available to finiancially qualified students. CTU does not participate nor recommend any institution to a student.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is limited and requires an official application. Applications are only accepted from fully matriculated CTU students. A request for financial aid will not be considered until all enrollment documents are received and the student accepted. See Application on Page 166.

Budget Tuition Plan
Students may apply for the CTU Universal Tuition Budget Plan. Programs including all required textbooks, fees and graduation cost may be financed (10% interest) for up to four years on a scheduled monthly payment. All CTU student qualify (occasionally co-signers are required). This is the best program and is used by the majority of our students. A down payment is required on each tuition Budget payment plan:

  • Associate of Arts, 62 credits: $9,300.00 down payment of $300.00
  • Bachelor of Arts, 124 credits: $18,500.00 down payment of $500.00
  • Master of Arts, 48 credits: $7,900.00 down payment of $300.00
  • The down payments vary for all other degree programs.

Note: The down payment does not include the matriculation fees and the required 1st monthly payment on the budget payment plan contact.