Undergraduate Course – English Studies (page 55-56)

EN 101 – English Grammar I
Basic Fundamentals of English rules of grammar and principles of usage. Students may take it at a community college and transfer credit.
(3 credits)

EN 102 – English Grammar II
Prerequisite: EN 101
A continued study of English rules of grammar and principles of usage. (see EN 101)
(3 credits)

EN 201 – English and Writing/ College English
An introduction to the proper use of the language in written communication with emphasis on sentence structure, common errors, journalistic style, letters, and presentations.
(3 credits)

EN 301 – Great Literature in English
A survey of significant English and American authors and writings. Special emphasis is given to expressions of, or responses to, Christianity.
(3 credits)

EN 430-39 – Seminar in English
Students may take special non-CTU English, writing or literature seminars with prior approval and specified assignments. Especially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
(1 to 2 credits)

EN 450-59 – Project in English
Specialized directed study in an area of English, writing or literature. Appropriate for fill-in credit.
(1 to 2 credits)