Undergraduate Course – Homiletics (page 50-51)

HM 100 – Introduction to Public Speaking
A study designed to improve the student’s skills in oral communication. Attention will be given to voice pitch, and volume. Word pronunciation and enunciation, sentence speed, pause, and emphasis will be studied. The student will be required to give three speeches during this course.
(3 credits)

HM 101 – Language for Public Use
A study of English grammar will be the center of this course. The student will learn how proper grammar can be effective in public communication. This course is designed to help students improve their public speaking skills, with attention given to proper grammar and vocabulary enlargement.
(3 credits)

HM 312 – Expository Communication
A study of the expository method of preaching. Includes methodology, outlining, evaluation, principles. Techniques of delivery are discussed. Sermon preparation and delivery are part of the course requirements. (Required for Ministry Major)
(3 credits)

HM 323 – Biblical Sermon Preparation
A study of various sermon types and styles including textual, topical, doctrinal and expository. The emphasis is on expository message preparation and delivery. Students will be required to develop a preaching calendar. Students will be required to prepare and preach three sermons during the semester. Preaching from both Old and New Testaments will be discussed.
(3 credits)

HM 330 – Biblical Homiletics
Instruction is given in the art of sermon preparation and delivery. Attention is given to Scripture reading and long-term sermon preparation. Students are required to prepare and preach three times during the semester and are evaluated in class through discussion, interview and a system of rating based on message content, clarity and conclusion. The focus is on expository preaching.
(3 credits)