Master of Divinity Program (page 63)

The Master of Divinity Degree is a balanced professional graduate degree program which is designed to prepare students for various ministries through comprehensive Biblical Studies and collateral supportive training course work.
In this program of studies, students may complete their degree program externally (off campus) while residing anywhere in the world, or on campus (in classroom) at CTU.

Curriculum Design
The successful completion of ninety-six (96) semester credit hours is required for the Master of Divinity Degree. Each course on the Masters level at Conservative Theological University offers three (3) hours of credit. The core curriculum for the MDiv degree is a combination of Bible, theology and church ministries with a flexibility of other course selections.
Students pursuing the MDiv Degree make course selections within the general frame-work of the requirements and electives, to enable them to meet their personal, pastoral, and academic goals.

Transfer Credit
Students who have attended other qualified schools or seminaries may receive credit toward a CTU MDiv. At least 36 semester hours credit must be taken at CTU.

Prior Learning Assessment Credit (PLA)
Students who have significant professional and or ministry experience may secure up to 30 semester hours credit toward a MDiv Degree through Bible content testing and the preparation of a PLA portfolio. This may be undertaken after application acceptance, by CTU guidelines, and with advisor guidance. (See general brochure for more information.)

Fees and Tuition
See the Schedule of Fees and Tuition.

Curriculum Design

Master of Divinity-96 Semester hrs. credit

BS 5100 Old Testament Intro I
BS 5100 Old Testament Intro II
BS 5141 Hermeneutics
BS 5152 Biblical Archaeology
BS 5231 Matthew
BS 5234 John
BS 5235 Acts
BS 5236 Romans


Pastoral Ministry
PC 5431 Ministry of Prayer
PC 5441 Homiletics
PC 5451 Pastoral Counseling
PC 5461 Pastoral Theology
PC 5471 Church Administration
PM Electives


TH 5351 Bibliogy and Pneumatology
TH 5352 Theology Proper & Christology
TH 5353 Angelology and Anthropology
TH 5354 Hamartiology and Soteriology
TH 5355 Ecclesiology and Eschatology
TH 5330 History Christianity I
TH 5340 History Christianity II
TH 5362 Christian Ethics


Christian Education
CE 5510 Philosophy Christian Edu.
CE Elective


Missions, Church Planting, & Evangelism
MS 5622 Theology Missions Ministry
MS Elective


Middle-East Judaic Studies
JS 5731 Judaism and Christianity
JS Elective


General Electives


TOTAL: 96 Credits