Undergraduate Degree Programs (page 40)

Undergraduate degree programs are informational, developmental building blocks designed to introduce the student to all aspects of Biblical, Theological and Ministerial disciplines, equipping him or her to better implement that which is learned in the work of the ministry. An important integral part of each undergraduate program is the inclusion of credits in Practical Christian Ministry (PCM). Entry into the undergraduate program requires a high school diploma or GED.

62 credits

The Associate of Arts (AA) program is an initial degree, which is designed to equip ministers and other Christian workers with the basic skills and Biblical knowledge necessary for effective Christian service. The AA program consists of the foundational studies in general education and Bible. The curriculum design includes an overview of professional ministerial studies, such as surveys of the Bible & theology, missions, evangelism, education, counseling and computers. The choice of focus emphasis for the Associates of Arts include:

  • Christian counseling
  • Christian education
  • Biblical studies
  • pastoral ministries or evangelism.

124 credits

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program is an undergraduate degree, which is formulated to develop and sharpen the skills of the pastor, evangelist, missionary and others in Christian vocational ministry. The BA program requires the completion of a core of Biblical studies in addition to general education requirements and the choice of major emphasis for ministry focus in the fields of:
*Christian counseling *missions *religious education *ministry *evangelism *Biblical studies *pastoral ministries

124 credits

The Bachelor of Theology (ThB) degree is a unique professional program for undergraduate training in the basics of Biblical studies as well as broad aspects of theology, ministry, and fundamental teachings of the Christian faith. The ThB program has a balanced approach to Biblical and theological subjects with an emphasis on the Biblical languages and doctrine. Courses of study will be educational as well as practical and functional. The ThB is prerequisite for the ThM Degree Program. The ThB is recommended especially for preparation in more scholarly pursuits as writing, research, and advanced teaching.