Financial Information (page 95)

Fees and tuition cost are commensurate with other Bible colleges & universities and kept affordable for CTU students. Payment plans student loans, and scholarships are available.

Because the CTU catalog is in effect for several years, the CTU official board and administration reserves the right to revise any of the fees, tuition rates, any other costs and schedules as it deems appropriate.

Since CTU is a Christian school and church-related, it does not participate in any government loan, grant programs, or governmental educational assistance programs.

In addition, CTU is not sponsored by any denomination or association. Therefore, it does not have available significant monetary resources to provide substantial scholarships, grants or loans for persons studying for Christian ministry. We do, however, provide financial assistance in the form of partial scholarships to qualifying-deserving students.

Although the rates at CTU are lower than most schools, its administration realizes that there are still some students who would have difficulty paying for their education. It therefore provides the opportunity for tuition reduction for students able to demonstrate need.

Students desiring financial aid are required to fill out an application for financial assistance. The financial aid committee will review the request and determine any rate of tuition reduction. All such decisions are final. Determinations will be based on the student’s application, comparative need and the university’s capability to help in the designated scholarship areas.

International students have very special rates scaled to the average annual incomes in their respective countries. Special arrangements are sought for payment where funds are not permitted to leave certain countries. If foreign students have family or friends in the USA, they should be encouraged to assist financially. Friends of CTU are requested to consider prayerfully offsetting the expense to the university of educating students abroad.

Following are the various fees and tuition rates for every level at the time of printing this catalog.