Facilities (page 13-15)

We have seen the hand of God upon the ministry of C.T.U. over the years. The Board of Regents, through the vision and direction of Dr. Gene A. Youngblood, Founder-President, determined the necessity of embarking on a major development project. Within the next few years, we will build a 41,200 sq. ft. administrative, classroom and faculty building. This building will have a cafetorium for lunches and lectures, professors’ offices, classrooms, library, bookstore, and all executive offices for CTU. The Regents determined that this building should be named Youngblood Hall after the Founder-President, Dr. Gene A. Youngblood.


C.T.U. has a ten-acre campus at 12021 Old St. Augustine Road, Jacksonville Florida. We also have, in the same facilities, the First Conservative Baptist Church providing space for classrooms, offices, library and book services. There is also a kitchen, dining hall, chapel, and computer lab. Plenty of parking is available as well. Plans already exist for future growth and expansion.

C.T.U. has modern climate control classrooms, and adequate furnishings, audio-visual equipment, and many teaching/learning aids. Its library has significant research resources. The campus bookstore makes available all texts, Bibles, and other books for students, and is open to the public. Also, there are many restaurants nearby. Snacks are available in the lunchroom during break times, when classes are in session.


C.T.U. is conveniently located in South Jacksonville, in a community called Mandarin, at 12021 Old St. Augustine Road, just one mile south of I-295 and 3.4 miles north of I-95. This interstate loop connects with I-10 from the west and I-95 from the north and south. The area is also served by U.S. Highways 1, 17, 23, and 301.

Jacksonville is accessible by air at the Jacksonville International Airport, by train through the Amtrak station, and by bus through the city terminal downtown, and the Greyhound terminal.

Jacksonville is a major southeastern city with a population of over one million and a geographical area larger than any U.S. city. The “Bold New City of the South” has tremendous potential and room for growth, and it has much to offer students, families and Christian workers.


C.T.U. has a complete Christian bookstore on campus. Students, both internal and external, will find every book needed for all course work in the campus bookstore. Enrolled students are invited to apply for your own personal student bookstore discount card. (Click here to shop Campus Bookstore)


For the on campus study and research convenience of each student, C.T.U. has a growing theological library with commentaries, histories, and word study texts, as well as textbooks covering almost every spectrum of Bible study. The library books, however, are for on-campus use only, not for non-enrolled students. We also provide enrolled students (on-campus) with access to libraries worldwide via the Internet.


C.T.U. currently has no student housing of its own available. However, Jacksonville has every conceivable type of housing in all price ranges. Houses and apartments are more reasonable that in most major cities. Many neighborhoods and communities within the city are actually like small towns. There are approximately 5,000 apartments and condos surrounding our campus.


Jacksonville, with a population of over one million people is a major business hub of banking, communication, distribution, education, insurance, manufacturing, medicine, shipping, tourism, wholesaling, and the U.S. Navy. Also, the area has a significant percentage of born-again Christians and Bible believing churches. There is therefore great opportunity to find both ministry and secular work.


Jacksonville provides many excellent opportunities for learning. It is the home of Edward Waters College, Florida Community College of Jacksonville, Jacksonville University, Jones College,

Trinity Baptist College, the University of North Florida, and extensions of several other universities. There are a number of vocational, technical and business schools. Also, there are many Christian day schools.


The city has its own symphony orchestra, ballet company, national football league, theaters, art galleries, museums, zoo, and many concerts and special events.


The area provides many wholesome and enjoyable opportunities: the beach, inland waterways, boating, fishing, hunting, parks, special sites, attractions, golf, tennis, collegiate and professional sports, and other special events. In short, Jacksonville is a wonderful place to serve God, live, work, worship, and study.