The Bachelor of Theology (ThB.) program (page 43)

The Bachelor of Theology (ThB) Degree Program is a unique professional program for undergraduate training. The ThB will equip ministers and other Christian workers with the foundational skills and Biblical knowledge needed in effective Christian service in the various areas of their calling. The program is a balanced college level degree which can be the basis for future studies in a graduate degree program.

The specialty of this program is in the designed inclusion of the basics of the Biblical studies and languages, as well as broad aspects of theology, ministry and the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith with a major focus in theology. The ThB degree program requires completion of a core of foundational Biblical theological studies. Additionally mandatory studies in the theology major, education, evangelism, missions, computers and other electives act to achieve a well-rounded and practical skill level in ministry. The ThB, as in all undergraduate and masters level programs requires the completion of PCM designated courses.

On Campus; e-Courses and External Studies

The ThB Degree Program may be completed while residing anywhere in the world, without interruption of your present ministry responsibilities. The ThB Degree Program may also be completed in the traditional classroom setting on the campus of CTU in Jacksonville, Florida. CTU’s latest innovation in education is our online e-couses.

Transfer Credit
Students who have attended other qualified colleges or seminaries may receive up to ninety four (94) semester hours credit* toward a CTU Th. Degree for courses comparable in content and quality.

Prior Learning Experience Credit (PLE)
Students who have significant professional and/or ministry experience may secure semester hour credit* toward a CTU ThB Degree by satisfactorily completing up to 2 of the 3 prior learning experience opportunities after application acceptance, by CTU guidelines, and with advisor guidance.

Curriculum Design
Bachelor of Theology 124 Credits
Undergraduate Workshop(MS101) 3
Core Requirements* 39

Introduction to the Old Testament I and II
Introduction to the New Testament I and II
Bible Doctrines I and II
History of Christianity I and II
Ministry of Prayer
Introduction New Testament Greek
Introduction Old Testament Hebrew
Biblical Archaeology

Bible Book Studies 27
Professional Core 18

Pastoral Theology
Theology of Evangelism
Theology of Counseling
Theology Proper
Systematic Theology

Major 24
General Electives 9
Practical Christian Ministry 4


* Some of these courses can be substitute for others in the same discipline.

124 credits