Our Methodology (Page 10)


…..Conservative Theological University offers internal classroom training at the Jacksonville Campus, situated on ten acres easily accessible from major Interstates I-95 and I-295, and city arteries. The Jacksonville Campus includes the administrative offices, complete classroom and library facilities, dining hall and auditorium to provide quality personal instruction and research opportunities to students who are able to attend.


…..Acknowledging the reality of ministry today, C.T.U has designed its off-campus, external independent studies to meet the educational needs of men and women who are unable or unwilling to disrupt their ministry work and other aspects of their lives to pursue Internal on-campus studies. This non-residential alternative provides quality training IN ministry FOR ministry – learning on the job, and at home through independent reading, research, study, writing, and seminars in all Programs of Study for students both in the U.S. and internationally. You do not need to move geographically to get your training and earn your degree.


…..CTU e-Course program is for students both in the U.S. and internationally.


…..In keeping with the serviceable approach to ministerial training through C.T.U., each degree program has a requisite number of practical Christian ministry oriented courses that are necessary for graduation. These PCM courses include the normal instructional content with an element requiring the demonstration and faculty evaluation of active ministerial implementations of the concepts presented in the curriculum.

…..Each PCM course requires the student to spend the equal number of clock hours each week in the field of ministry as relates to the course, i.e., personal evangelism – student to spend 3 hours per week presenting the plan of salvation under the leadership of his/her church’s senior pastor. The church pastor or designated mentor will be responsible for the reports to validate the ministry-related work completed for course credits. Other academic research and testing are also required. See each degree requests for the areas of PCM available.

Our Position (Statement of Faith) (Pages 8-9)


WE BELIEVE that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is the verbally inspired, infallible, inerrant, plenary Word of the Living God. Both Testaments are uniquely authoritative in all matters with which they deal, scientific and historical, as well as moral and theological. The Bible is the sole and final authority in matters of faith and practice (II Tim. 3:16). We believe the Bible should be interpreted in its literal, historical, grammatical setting, from a dispensational, premillennial pretribulational position. We believe that the sign gifts of early Church have ceased and are not for the Church today.


WE BELIEVE the Biblical account of a literal, six-day special creation of the existing space-time universe and all its basic systems and kinds of organisms, without any evolutionary process. (Gen. 1-2)


WE BELIEVE the full historicity and perspicuity of the Biblical record of primeval history, including the literal existence of Adam and Eve as the progenitors of all the human race, the literal fall of humanity, and resultant divine curse on the creation, the world-wide-universal cataclysmic flood, and the origin of nations and languages at the tower of Babel. (Gen. 1-10)


WE BELIEVE in the one Triune Godhead, being the eternal, transcendent, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, personal God existing in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (I Pet. 1:2, Matt. 28:18-19). We believe they are co-equal in power and glory, identical in their essential nature, attributes, and perfection. (Gen. 1:2, Mk. 12:29, Jn. 1:14, 17:5, Acts 5:3-4, II Cor.13:14, Heb. 1:1-3, Rev. 1:4-6)


WE BELIEVE that God the Father, the First Person of the divine Trinity, is infinite, spirit, sovereign, eternal, unchangeable in all His attributes. He is worthy of honor, adoration and obedience.


WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is the eternal co-equal Son of God, that He became man (Heb. 2:16, Jn. 1:14), and that He continues to be the unique God-man in two distinct natures. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the perfect, sinless God-man, indissolubly united in one divine Person since his unique incarnation by miraculous conception and virgin birth.


WE BELIEVE the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead who convicts, regenerates, indwells, and seals all believers in Jesus Christ until the day of redemption (I Cor. 6:19). He baptizes them into the body of Christ, and fills those who yield to Him. The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to all believers. However, the manifestation of any particular sign gifts is not required as evidence of salvation. The Holy Spirit convicts, convinces, and reproves the world of sin, righteousness and judgment (Rom. 8:9, Eph. 1:13-14). We believe the gift of tongue has ceased and is NOT relevant for the Church today (I Cor. 13:8-11).


WE BELIEVE in the substitutionary and redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sin of the world, through his literal, physical, bodily vicarious substitutionary death on the cross, making atonement for the sin of the world. (Jn. 1:29)


WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ arose bodily from the dead, that He ascended into heaven, that there in His state of glorification He is now the great high priest, intercessor, and advocate for all believers. (I Cor. 15:20, Luke 24, Acts 1:3)


WE BELIEVE that in order to secure salvation and restoration, man must be born again. Personal salvation from the eternal penalty of sin is provided solely by the sovereign grace of God on the basis of the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a gift of God through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ(I Pet. 2:24, Eph. 2:8). We believe that MAN must choose to believe and choose to say YES unto salvation. Salvation is available to “ALL Who Believe”, yet Not ALL will believe.


WE BELIEVE in the existence of a personal, malignant spirit being called Satan, who is tempter and accuser, for whom the place of eternal punishment (hell) was prepared, where all who die outside of Christ shall be confined in conscious, bodily torment for eternity. (Jn 8:44; Eph 6:11-12; Gen 3:1-5; Job 1:6-7; Isa 14:12; Ezek 28:12-15; Matt 2: 24; I Pet 5:8; Rev 9:11; 12: 10)


WE BELIEVE the Church is the Body of Christ, a spiritual organism composed of all born-again persons in this present age, that the primary mission of the church is to witness for the Lord Jesus Christ (Evangelize the Sinner), and preach the Gospel among all nations (Exalt the Savior), edify the believers in the body (Equip the Saints), and that the Church will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air (rapture) prior to His return to set up His kingdom (Matt. 28:19-20).We “DO NOT” believe that the Church is “SPIRITUAL ISRAEL”. We believe that Israel and the Church are separate and that God deals with each separately and uniquely.


WE BELIEVE that it is God’s will for Christians to live a life of victory over sin and defeat, and to have a vital, vibrant part in the carrying out of the great commission. We believe this is possible as we are daily committed to Him and His care, as we are yielded to Him as Lord of our lives. This life of yielding and trusting will be expressed through daily prayer, and a continuous feeding on the Word, in faithful assembling together with fellow believers and in giving a tithe, according as God has prospered, in being a continuing witness to the unsaved, and in being separated from worldly practices or entangling alliances with unbelievers.


WE BELIEVE in the future rapture, the snatching away of the body of Christ, at which time the dead in Christ shall be resurrected and we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together, to meet the Lord in the air, the coming seven literal years of tribulation through which the world shall pass during which the wrath of God shall be poured upon the unbelieving and God shall call Israel unto himself; The Second Coming-the future, personal, visible, bodily return of Jesus Christ to the earth to judge, and to purge sin, and to establish His eternal kingdom, and to consummate and fulfill all His purposes in the works of creation and redemption with eternal rewards and punishments.

Programs and Cost Overview (page 7)


How Learning Is Delivered at Conservative Theological University

Students can earn their:

AA; BA; ThB; MA; MDiv; ThM; DMin; ThD; EdD; PhD

Every degree program is Biblically focused and academically sound, equipping each student to serve the Lord in the area of their ministry calling. Students of C.T.U. are ministering throughout the United States and around the world. Our aim is to help each student accomplish their goals within God’s will for their life.
How Our Degree Programs Are Developed

Our College division offers both Associate and Bachelor Degree programs. Each Degree program offers a variety of focus concentrations in Christian Counseling, Religious Education, Evangelism, Missions, Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministries. There are six areas of concentration for the MA Degree as well as the MDiv Degree programs. Our ThM Degree provides some of the finest programs of study anywhere in the world. The ThM Degree has a concentration on the Biblical Languages and Theology. Our four Doctorate Degree programs are distinctively unique in that each program is designed to meet the unique gifts and talents for the Lord’s work to be carried out effectively in our world of sin and indifference. You are invited to call, write, or email for your full informational enrollment packet and evaluation.

Associate of Arts = 62 credit hours
Bachelor of Arts = 124 credit hours
Bachelor of Theology = 124 credit hours
Master of Arts = 48 credit hours
Master of Divinity = 96 credit hours
Master of Theology = 96 credit hours
Doctor of Ministry = 36 credit hours
Doctor of Theology = 48 credit hours
Doctor of Religious Ed = 48 credit hours
Doctor of Philosophy = 48 credit hours

The tuition and cost are kept at an affordable level for you as a student of the Word of God.
Please call, write, or visit our website at or email [email protected] for complete tuition cost, and enrollment packet information.

Tuition Budget Finance Plan
All degree programs can be financed through Conservative Theological University’s Universal Tuition Budget Plan. Every Student is approved based upon ability and financial contract with up to 48 months for repayment.

Student admission is based on academic ability and testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. No student meeting admissions requirements will be refused because of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.

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Tuition And Fees 2023 RB



Send all requests or correspondence to:

Conservative Theological University
12021 Old St. Augustine Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32258

Conservative Theological University is certified by the Florida Council of Private Colleges, and approved by the Council of Private Colleges of America.

Letter from the President (page 6)

What a joy has been mine to have had the privilege of being used of God as Founder-President of Conservative Theological University. Over the past years we have seen multitudes of men and women refine and develop their gifts for serving God in the ministry of Evangelism, Missions, the Pastorate, Christian Education, Christian Counseling and many other focus areas. Conservative Theological University provides Academic-Biblical training leading to a degree equipping for ministry service for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Because we live in a culture that is filled with false claims, I can understand your honest analysis of an academic educational institution. I therefore urge you to make any desired test concerning the merits of C.T.U. Our degree programs are exclusively for ministry. The mission of Conservative Theological University is to make the truth of God’s Word accessible “worldwide,” through instruction that is academically sound, education that is fundamentally Biblical, and training that is realistically practical.

This vision includes both the areas of thorough Bible knowledge, as well as ministry skills development, through on-campus and off-campus (external) degree programs. Conservative Theological University was established by the grace of God in 1982, chartered by the State of Florida and governed by a Board of Regents. Conservative Theological University is a certified member of the Council of Private Colleges of America, which certifies C.T.U. as a recognized academic institution. C.T.U. is also active members of the Council of Private College of Florida. Our degree programs are certified by the Council of Private Colleges of America and approved by the Florida Council of Private Colleges.The University has been blessed with capable, experienced, respected and qualified faculty, staff and administrative leadership.

Our Christian professors are theologically conservative, Biblically sound, academically qualified, spiritually sensitive and personally concerned for each student. Conservative Theological University offers courses of study leading to earned degrees in both undergraduate and graduate levels, from the Associate through the PhD Degrees.

Conservative Theological University is dispensational in its Biblical hermeneutics and interpretation of Scripture. We also believe that sign gifts of the early Church have ceased and are not operative today.

Our University admits highly motivated, qualified men and women who are involved in Christian ministry or who are preparing for the area of service the Lord has called them. I am honored to be the President of this University, and I am excited about the opportunities God has given us to minister through higher education.We have thousands from across America and around the globe that are serving our Lord as proud C.T.U. graduates and active students!

I invite you to call or write us for more information.

In His Service,
Dr.Gene A. Youngblood




Introduction (Pages 1-3)

Conservative Theological University

“Conservative in Theology…Creative in Training”

Classes on Campus or External Education Worldwide

The name “Conservative Theological University” is used for this entire educational institution including our Bible Institute, College and Graduate divisions, and the on-campus, external (off-campus), and CTU e-course (online) programs.

Conservative Theological University admits male or female students of any race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded to students by our administrative or educational policies.

This catalog presents information on policies, procedures, requirements, finances, courses, admissions, programs of study, calendar, administration and faculty. Every effort has been made to be perfectly accurate. However, Conservative Theological University reserves the right to change, without prior notice, any statement in this catalog concerning, but not limited to, procedures, policies, fees, courses, and curricula.

This catalog contains current information regarding admissions, degree requirements, tuition, fees, regulations, requirements and course offerings. Conservative Theological University reserves the right to withdraw a course, change tuition and other fees, change rules regarding admission and graduation requirements, and change any other regulation affecting the student body.

Changes shall become effective whenever necessary and shall apply, not only to prospective students, but also to those who at that time are fully matriculated students of Conservative Theological University. Conservative Theological University has never sought regional accreditation as the University believes it could jeopardize the University’s Biblical, philosophical and theological distinctive.

CTU is certified through the Council of Private Colleges of America and members of the Florida Council of Private Colleges. Although Conservative Theological University makes no representation that its graduates will be accepted by any specific institution or board, it is the intent, prayer, and desire of the faculty, administration, and the president to meet and exceed standards of quality in academics which are posed by any recognized accrediting association.