Campus Bookstore (page16)

…..Our campus bookstore has in stock thousands of volumes, including the finest commentaries, Bibles, Greek, and Hebrew word studies, and books on theology and doctrinal subjects.

…..We stock all of the textbooks required for each of the courses of study on every academic level from undergraduate through the doctoral programs. (sample-partial list):

  • All of the Dr. Jay Adams’ Christian Counseling texts
  • Evangelism-Missions-Church Administration
  • Bible Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc.
  • Eschatology, O.T. and N.T. Survey
  • Commentaries on every Bible book
  • Many texts for Christian education
  • Variety of texts for hermeneutics
  • Many texts on apologetics
  • Church Leadership text
  • Cults, world religions
  • Greek word studies
  • Strong’s Concordance
  • Biblical geography
  • Biographies
  • Church history
  • Things to come
  • Current events
  • Fiction, Christian living, more
  • Thousands of titles in stock

The Conservative Theological University Campus Bookstore will ship books anywhere in the world. Visit the C.TU. Bookstore Online.