That Place Called Heaven- The Believer’s Eternal Home

That Place Called Heaven- The Believer’s Eternal Home


A comprehensive Biblical look Heaven. Every Christian who has a saved friend, family member, or loved one who has died, is interested in what the Bible says about That Place Called Heaven. This paperback book will answer many of the questions that have been asked, like Will we now each other? What will we do there? What’s it really like? This book will answer those questions and many more.

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That Place Called Heaven- The Believer’s Eternal Home, a book by Dr Gene A Youngblood answers many questions that Christians have in the face of the loss of a loved one or considering their own passing, such as Will we go to Heaven directly? Will we know each other in Heaven? What do believers do in Heaven? Will there be children? and many more questions will be answered.
Dr. Youngblood is married to Dr. Dorothy Youngblood and they are the parents of four sons, ten grandchildren, and great grandchildren. The author of many books, he resides in Jacksonville FL and is the Founder-President of Conservative Theological University, and the Pastor of First Conservative Baptist Church.

Dr. Gene A Youngblood


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