The Topical Josephus

The Topical Josephus


Cleon L. Rogers, Jr.

Zondervan Publishing House


From back cover: No ancient writer is more important for the study of the New Testament than Flavius Josephus, a Jew who was born shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His work discusses many of the people who walk across the pages of the New Testament (such as Herod, Agrippa, John the Baptist, and even Jesus), outline institutions important to the understanding of the New Testament (such as the Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, and Roman army), and describe in great detail events predicted in the New Testament (the Jewish war, especially the destruction of Jerusalem). In this book, Dr. Rogers has summarized the massive bulk of Josephus’s writings in a vivid and delightful manner, arranging the data topically for easy access. He also draws attention to specific words in the Gospels, Acts, and the letters of the New Testament that take on enriched meanings when viewed in the light of Josephus’s use of them. Hardcover

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