Is It Time For Revolution?

Is It Time For Revolution?


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Dr Gene A Youngblood

Conservative University Press


Is It Time For Revolution? Will it be the battle field? Or the ballot box? “America was born out of Revolution, a nation founded upon the moral, ethical, Biblical principles that continue to set America apart from all other nations. An examination of our Constitution will reveal the charges brought against the King of England, and could be levied against the President of the United States today!”,wrote Dr Youngblood in 2011, continueing”We are witnessing: A corrosion of freedom every day, A war being waged against Christianity, A disdain for human life, An arrogance against U.S. citizens, a complete disregard for truth, A Marxist-Socialist, Islamic agenda, A fundamental “change” in America, A control of all three branches of government out of the White House.”

What does the Bible say about this? A verse by verse study of II Chronicles Chapter Ten. Paperback

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