A Nation on Trial- America Stands Before God

A Nation on Trial- America Stands Before God


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Dr Gene A Youngblood

Conservative University Press


Throughout the centuries, empires and nations have arisen and fallen. Within the pages of Scripture, we are confronted with God’s judgment revealed against nations that have turned their backs on him. God will not be refused, rejected, or rebelled against; He is God, and He will be recognized and honored, or He will declare that nation guilty, and His judgment will fall.

“Perhaps today”, as Dr Youngblood wrote ten years ago in 2014, “as never before in our history, we are living in a nation where it seems that there is total disregard for God, a total disinterest in anything that is called spirituality or godliness. As a nation and as a people, we seem to think that, somehow, some way, we are invincible. As we witness the declining morals, the lack of ethics, and the rush headlong into the abyss of evil, many individuals, inclding multitudes of our nation’s leaders, have simply forgotten God. In the first chapter of isaiah we find God’s solemn subpoena to come into His courtroom, to appear before the bar of universal, ultimate justice, to stand before God’s Supreme Court.

This verse by verse study of Isaiah Chapter One is an incredible example of “A Nation on Trial.” As America stands before GOD, it is “A Nation on Trial”.  Paperback

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