Welcome to our campus bookstore which consists of thousands of titles. The above image captures a small portion of the books housed in our real "brick and mortar” store, serving as a convenience to our students, and customers around the world.

Please be aware that availability, costs of books and shipping is changing faster than the info about the individual books reflects. So please call us for current availabilty and cost. Similarly, if you are looking for a particular book that you don’t find here, please call us at 1-800-GO-BIBLE;  We may have just what you are looking for. If your travels bring you to the Jacksonville, Florida area, plan to call to arrange a visit to this on-campus conservative bookstore.

To order books or other items, please call 1-800-GO-BIBLE (1-800-462-4253) or email We will promptly return your call to accept your payment and shipping instructions.

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The Best of A.W Tozer- Book One
Author: A W Tozer Publisher: Christian Publications Year: 1984 Description: A W Tozer..
The Bible From Scratch - The Old Testament for Beginners
Author: Donald L Griggs Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press Year: 2002 Description:..
Author: Henry Morris and Martin Clark Publisher: Master Books Year: 1971/1976/1987 Des..
The Biblical Basis for Modern Science
Author: Henry M Morris Publisher: Master Books Year: 2008 Description: Revised and Up..
The Birth of Europe- Vol. II. History of the Christian Church
Author: Leigh Churchill Publisher: Paternoster Lifestyle Year: 2001 Description: The ..
The Blood of Martyrs- from the Pentecost to the Age of Theodosius (AD 397)
Author: Leigh Churchill Publisher: Paternoster Lifestyle Year: 2001 Description: The ..
The Books of James & 1, 2 Peter- Faith, Suffering, and Knowledge
Author: William Baker Publisher: AMG Publishers Year: 2004 Description: Be the follow..
The Certainty of the Faith- Apologetics in an Uncertain World
Author: Richard B Ramsay Publisher: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. Year: 2007 ..
The Changing Face of Islam in America
Author: Larry A Poston with Carl F Ellis, Jr. Publisher: Horizon Year: 2000 Descriptio..
The Chemistry of the Blood
Author: M.R. DeHann, M.D. Publisher: Lamplighter Books Year: 1943 Description: The Ch..
The Christ of Christmas
Author: James Montgomery Boice Publisher: P&R Publishing Year: 2009 Description: In..
The Christian and American Law- Christianity's Impact on America's Founding Documents and Future Direction
General Editor: H Wayne House Publisher: Kregel Year: 1998 Description: Christianity'..
The Christian Message for Contemporary Life- The Gospel's Power to Change Lives
Author: Stephen F Olford Publisher: Kregel Publications Year: 1999 Description: A look ..
The Christian View of God and the World
Author: James Orr (1844-1913) Publisher: Kregal Year: 1887/1989 Description: The Chri..
The Church in God's Program
Author: Robert Saucy Publisher: Moody Press Year: 1972 Description: The Church in God..

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