Bible History, Customs, Archaeology

Bible History, Customs, Archaeology
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A History of the New Testament & Its Times
Author: Robert L. Cate Publisher: Broadman Press Year: 1991 Description: A highly rea..
A Survey of Israel's History
Author: Leon J Wood Publisher: Zondervan Year: 1986 Description: A popular and useful..
Archaeology and the Bible
Author: Mr Bill Humble Publisher: Christian Communications Year: 1990 Description: Expl..
Biblical Archaeology
Author: John Sailhamer Publisher: Zondervan Year: 1998 Description: A series of brief..
How We Got the Bible
Author: Neil R Lightfoot Publisher: Baker Books Year: 2010 Description: (Third Editio..
Jerusalem in the Time of JESUS
Author: Joachim Jeremias Publisher: Christianbook Distributors Year: 1969 Description:..
Josephus   The  Complete Works
Author: William Whiston Publisher: Nelson Year: 1998 Description: Josephus left us th..
Joshua Mighty Warrior and Man of Faith
Author: W Phillip Keller Publisher: Kregel Publications Year: 1983 Description: An ex..
New Testament Times
Author: Merrill C Tenney Publisher: Hendrickson Year: 2001 Description: New Testament..
Old Testament Times
Author: R K Harrison Publisher: Hendrickson Year: 2001 Description: Old Testament Tim..
Smith's Bible Dictionary
Author: William Smith Publisher: Hendrickson Year: 1996 Description: This is a revisi..
The Dead Sea Scrolls What Have We Learned?
Author: Eileen M Schuller Publisher: Westminister John Knox Press Year: 2006 Descripti..
The Effective Invitation- A Practical Guide for the Pastor
Author: R. Alan Streett Publisher: Kregel Year: 1995 Description: A practical and b..
The Ministry and Message of Paul
Author: Richard N Longenecker Publisher: Zondervan Year: 1997 Description: From the d..
The Prophets As Preachers- An Introduction to the Hebrew Prophets
Author: Gary V Smith Publisher: Broadman & Holman Year: 1994 Description: Designe..

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