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Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Editor: Ronald F Youngblood Publisher: Thomas Nelson Year: 1995 Description: This com..
New Bible Dictionary Third Edition
Editors: Marshall, Millard, Packer, and Wiseman Publisher: IVP Year: 1996/ 2003 reprint ..
New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
Author: James Strong Publisher: Thomas Nelson Year: 2001 Description: The most complete..
New Testament Introduction
Authors: Stanley E Porter and Lee M McDonald Publisher: Baker Year: 1995 Description: ..
Smith's Bible Dictionary
Author: William Smith Publisher: Hendrickson Year: 1996 Description: This is a revisi..
The Wiersbe Bible Commentary - Complete Set
Author: Warren W Wiersbe Publisher: David C Cook Year: 2007 Description: Two volumes ..
Unger's Concise Bible Dictionary with Complete Pronunciation Guide to Bible Names
Author: Merrill F Unger and W Murray Severance Publisher: Baker Book House Year: 1974/ 19..
Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old & New Testaments
Author: W.E. Vines Publisher: Nelson Year: 1996 Description: A Nelson exclusive. Stud..
Wycliffe Dictionary of Christian Ethics
Editor: Carl F H Henry Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers Year: 2000 reprint of a 1973 book ..
Zondervan's Pictorial Bible Dictionary
General Editor: Merrill C Tenney Publisher: Zondervan Year: 1967 Description: When yo..

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