Current Biblical Issues

Current Biblical Issues including ethics, creation science, and Christian discernment of homosexuality.

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An Unchanging Faith in a Changing World
Author: Kenneth Boa & Robert Bowman, Jr Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers Year: 199..
Arabs in the Shadow of Israel
Author: Tony Maalouf Publisher: Kregel Year: 2003 Description: The Unfolding of God's..
Author: Henry Morris Publisher: Master Books Year: 1984 Description: The Bible is ind..
Author: Henry Morris Publisher: Master Books Year: 1993 Description: The Doctrine of Cr..
Biblical Creationism- What Each Book of the Bible Teaches about Creation and the Flood
Author: Henry M Morris Publisher: Master Books Year: 2000 Description: Critics of the..
Bones of Contention, A Creationist Assessment of Human Fossils
Author: Marvin L Lubenow Publisher: Baker Year: 1992/1997 Description: Written for th..
Breaking the Da Vinci Code
Author: Darrell L Bock Publisher: Nelson Books Year: 2004 Description: A guide book f..
Christian Ethics- Options and Issues
Author: Norman L Geisler Publisher: Baker Academic Year: 1989 Description: A clear, b..
Closer Look at Dr. Laura
Author: Tom Allen Publisher: Horizon Year: 1998 Description: This Closer Look compare..
Creation & The Courts
Author: Norman Geisler Publisher: Crossway Year: 2007 Description: This book blazes a..
Creation and the Second Coming
Author: Henry M Morris Publisher: Master Books Year: 1991/2005 Description: To unders..
Evangelical Ethics, Issues Facing the Church Today, Third Edition
Author: John Jefferson Davis Publisher: P&R Year: 2004 Description: In this third..
Author: Henry Morris Publisher: Master Books Year: 2002 Description: Explore God's plan..
Harry Potter and The Bible
Author: Richard Abanes Publisher: Horizon Year: 2001 Description: In response to the ..
Homosexuality- Contemporary Claims Examined in Light of the Bible
Author: James B DeYoung Publisher: Kregel Publications Year: 2000 Description: This t..

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