Cults and Religions

Cults and Religions including Islam

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Christianity & World Religions
Author: Derek Cooper Publisher: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. Year: 2013 De..
Crisis of Conscience
Author: Raymond Franz Publisher: Commentary Press Year: 2002 Description: The struggl..
Faith Undone- The Emerging Church… a New Reformation or an End-time Deception
Author: Roger Oakland Publisher: Lighthouse Trails Year: 2010 Description: Is the eme..
Fast Facts on False Teachings
Authors: Ron Carlson and Ed Decker Publisher: Harvest House Year: 1994 Description: W..
Holy War
Author: Dr. Rev. Bill Musk Publisher: Monarch Books Year: 2003 Description: The subti..
In Search of Christian Freedom
Author: Raymond Franz Publisher: Commentary Press Year: 2002 Description: Details inf..
Inside Islam
Author: Reza F. Safa Publisher: FrontLine Year: 1996 Description: Exposing and Reachi..
Invasion of Other Gods
Author: David Jeremiah Publisher: Word Year: 1995 Description: The Seduction of New A..
Is Islam Tolerant?
Author: Dr Gene A Youngblood Publisher: Conservative University Press Year: 2011 Descrip..
Islam and Terrorism
Author: Mark A Gabriel Publisher: Front Line Year: 2002 Description: This book weaves..
Islam and the Cross
Author: Samuel M Zwemer Edited by: Roger S. Greenway Publisher: P&R. Year: 2002 ..
Islam and the Jews
Author: Mark A. Gabriel Publisher: Charisma House Year: 2003 Description: The Unfinishe..
Jerusalem Countdown
Author: John Hagee Publisher: Frontline Year: 2006/2007 Description: Revised and Up..
Jesus and Muhammad
Author: Mark A. Gabriel, PhD Publisher: Charisma House Year: 2004 Description: Finall..
Journey into the Mind of an Islamic Terrorist
Author: Mark A Gabriel Publisher: FrontLine Year: 2006 Description: Terrorists have w..

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