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Including pastoral resources, administration, leadership, the emergent church, and more

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Lessons in Leadership
General Editor: Randal Roberts Publisher: Kregel Year: 1999 Description: More than fi..
Pocket Dictionary of New Religious Movements
Author: Irving Hexham Publisher: Intervarsity Press Year: 2002 Description: This book..
Shepherding the Church
Author: JOseph M Stowell Publisher: Moody Year: 1994/1997 Description: This book is n..
Team Leadership in Christian Ministry
Author: Kenneth O Gangel Publisher: Moody Year: 1997 Description: Team leadership is ..
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
Author: John C Maxwell Publisher: Nelson Year: 1998 Description: If you’ve never read..
The Church in God's Program
Author: Robert Saucy Publisher: Moody Press Year: 1972 Description: The Church in God..
The Grace of Giving
Author: Stephen F Olford Publisher: Kregel Publications Year: 2000 Description: (Revise..
The Meltdown of Moral America
Author: J.R. Moody Publisher: JRM Publishing Year: 1992 Description: This book weaves..
The Shepherd Leader- Achieving Effective Shepherding in Your Church
Author: Timothy Z. Witmer Publisher: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. Year: 2010 ..
Where in the World Is The Church?
Author: Michael S Horton Publisher: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. Year: 1995/2..
Youth Ministry in Modern America- 1930 to the Present
Author: Jon Pahl Publisher: Hendrickson Year: 2000 Description: Professor Jon Pahl ex..

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