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Including pastoral resources, administration, leadership, the emergent church, and more

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A Catechism for Baptists
Author: Dr Mack King Carter Publisher: Four-G Year: 1997 Description: First revised e..
A Fish Out of Water
Author: George Barna Publisher: Integrity Year: 2002 Description: Whether you current..
A Theology of Church Growth- Spiritual Principles Build new Testament Churches
Author: Robert Gee Witty, Ph.D. Publisher: CTS Press, Conservative University Press Year: ..
A Time of Departing
Author: Ray Yungen Publisher: Lighthouse Trails Year: 2006 Description: 2nd Edition. ..
Accreditation- Biblical or Bogus?
Author: Dr Gene A Youngblood Publisher: Conservative University Press Year: 2000 Descrip..
Christ In Church Leadership-A Handbook for Elders and Pastors
Author: Paul Winslow and Dorman Followwill Publisher: Discovery House Year: 2001 Descr..
Church Administration Handbook
Editor: Bruce P Powers Publisher: B & H Publishing. Year: 2008 Description: Third..
Church Communications Handbook
Author: Wanda Vassallo Publisher: Kregel Year: 1998 Description: A complete guide to ..
Church Usher's Handbook
Author: Dr Gene A Youngblood Publisher: Conservative University Press Year: 1996 Descrip..
City on a Hill
Author: Philip Graham Ryken Publisher: Moody Year: 20032 Description: Readers will ga..
Coaching Ministry Teams
Author: Kenn Gangel Publisher: Nelson Year: 2000 Description: This is a book about co..
Communication and Conflict Management
Author: Kenneth O Gangel & Samuel L Canine Publisher: Broadman & Holman Year: 1992 ..
Evangelical Dictionary of Christian Education
General editor: Michael J Anthony Publisher: Baker Book House Co. Year: 2001 Descripti..
Faith Undone- The Emerging Church… a New Reformation or an End-time Deception
Author: Roger Oakland Publisher: Lighthouse Trails Year: 2010 Description: Is the eme..
For Many Shall Come In My Name
Author: Ray Yungen Publisher: Lighthouse Trails Year: 2007 Description: Expanded Seco..

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