Church History

Church History
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A Short History of the Early Church
Author: Harry R Boer Publisher: Eerdmans Year: 1976 Description: For readers who want..
By Their Blood- Second Edition- Christian Martyrs of the Twentieth Century
Author: James & Marti Hefley Publisher: Baker Books Year: 1996 Description: The a..
Calvinism in History
Author: Nathaniel S McFetridge Publisher: Solid Ground Christian Books Year: modern editi..
Christianity & World Religions
Author: Derek Cooper Publisher: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. Year: 2013 De..
Cosmos in the Chaos
Author: Stephen R Graham Publisher: Eerdmans Year: 1995 Description: Philip Schaff's ..
Devocion Extrema (Extreme Devotion)
Authors: La Voz De Los Martires Publisher: Editorial Unilit Year: 2003 Description: e..
Exploring Church History
Author: Perry Thomas Publisher: World Publishing Year: 2005 Description: The newest a..
Francis of Assisi and His World
Author: Mark Galli Publisher: IVP Year: 2002 Description: Francis of Assisi is one of..
Sketches From Church History
Author: S. M. Houghthon Publisher: Banner of Truth Year: 2001 Description: An Illustr..
Something Was Missing
Author: John A Stormer Publisher: Liberty Bell Press Year: 2010 Description: A person..
The Birth of Europe- Vol. II. History of the Christian Church
Author: Leigh Churchill Publisher: Paternoster Lifestyle Year: 2001 Description: The ..
The Blood of Martyrs- from the Pentecost to the Age of Theodosius (AD 397)
Author: Leigh Churchill Publisher: Paternoster Lifestyle Year: 2001 Description: The ..
The Story of Christianity
Author: Justo L Gonzales Publisher: Prince Press Year: 2008 Description: From the Ear..
The Story of the Church
Author: Robert G Clouse, Richard V Pierard, Edwin M Yamauchi Publisher: Moody Press Year: ..
Two Worlds- Notes on the Death of Modernity in America and Russia
Author: Thomas C Oden Publisher: InterVarsity Press Year: 1992 Description: Thomas Od..

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