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Jerusalem Countdown
Author: John Hagee Publisher: Frontline Year: 2006/2007 Description: Revised and Up..
Muslim Mafia
Author: P David Gaubatz Publisher: WND House Year: 2009 Description: Reading more lik..
Obama Why Black America Should Have  Doubts
Author: William Owens, Jr Publisher: iTouch Publications Year: 2008 Description: If t..
Politics and Public Policy: A Christian Response
Author: Timothy J Demy & Gary P Stewart Publisher: Kregel Year: 2000 Description: ..
Radical Road Maps
Author: James H Hansen Publisher: WND Books Year: 2006 Description: This book uncover..
Silent No More
Author: Rod Parsley Publisher: Charisma House Year: 2005 Description: Our times dem..
Terrorism, Jihad and The Bible
Author: John MacArthur Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc Year: 2001 Description: Regardin..
The Christian and American Law- Christianity's Impact on America's Founding Documents and Future Direction
General Editor: H Wayne House Publisher: Kregel Year: 1998 Description: Christianity'..
The Death of the West- How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization
Author: Patrick J Buchanan Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books Year: 2002 Description: This..
The Doctrine of Self Defense
Author: Dr Gene A Youngblood Publisher: Conservative University Press Year: 2013 Descrip..
The Dunces of Doomsday
Author: Paul L Williams Publisher: WND House Year: 2006 Description: The jihad against ..
The Gay Agenda
Author: Dr Ronnie Floyd Publisher: New Leaf Press Year: 2004 Description: Pop culture..
The Law
Author: Frederic Bastiat Publisher: Foundation for Economic Education Year: 2007 Descrip..
The Meltdown of Moral America
Author: J.R. Moody Publisher: JRM Publishing Year: 1992 Description: This book weaves..
Unholy War -America, Israel and Radical Islam
Author: Randall Price Publisher: Harvest House Year: 2001 Description: The truth be..

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