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TH 401 - Theology of Prayer and the Spiritual Life
-A study of the Biblical bases and emphases of prayer and the foundational aspects of a truly spiritual life.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 420 - Cults; Cults and World Religions
-An introduction to the belief systems of prominent cults and religions that depart from Christianity including Christian Science, The International Church of God, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventism, Spiritism, Islam, or The Way International. Same as EV 420.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)
TH-420 E - Cults and False Religions
- This ecourse is a study of the many cults of the world. It is designed to present a straightforward approach to the apostasy and heretical teachings found in the world. Since there are a multitude of cults existing today, this course presents a digest of some major cults in an honest and informative way.       (3 credits)

TH 420-C - Is Islam Tolerant?
-A study of Islam from its beginning 1400 years ago, noting the relationship to its surroundings throughout the world, particularly as it attains majority status. Explore the tolerance of Islam relating to its own adherent as well as other individuals and communities with different beliefs
.Note the danger looming as the Muslims try to Islamize the world. (seminar)
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 425 - Trends in Modern Theologies
-The student will study the trends and directions in today's theological landscape. The course will analyze the Vineyard Movement, Process Theology, Secular Theology, Liberation Theology and Terminists Theology as well as several other contemporary theologies.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 430-29 - 21 Judgments of Revelations Seminar
This study will cover the 21 judgments of the book of Revelation. Includes the 7 seals, the 7 trumpets, and the 7 vials of God's wrath. This study will focus on the urgency to witness today.
---------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)


TH 430-39 - Seminar in Theology
-Students may take non-CTU theology seminars with prior approval and specified reading and writing requirements. Specially appropriate when needing fill-in credits.
---------------------------------------------------------(1 to 2 credits)

TH 440 - Future Events
-An in-depth study of the rapture, the tribulation, the millennium, the resurrection and the return of Jesus Christ.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)
TH 440-E - The Panorama of Prophecy
This ecourse provides an analysis of the events of the last days (eschatology). The course contains a survey of Biblical prophecy from the pre-millennial, pre-tribulation perspective. All major eschatological events will be surveyed in chronological order. Each event will be referenced with the pertinent scriptural passages. The more important events will be analyzed with greater emphasis.       (3 credits)

TH 440-A - Panorama of Prophecy
-An in-depth overview of every event in the Biblical text relating to the Rapture, Ruin, Return and Reign of Jesus Christ. A must for every Bible student that is serious about knowing Future Events.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 441 - Cultural Reflections
-A survey of cultural and historical events which have developed problems in modern society. The study is designed to focus on the Biblical answers and solutions to societal problems.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 442 - The Role of Women in Ministry
-The analysis of the Biblical text as relates to pastors, teachers and deacons in the New Testament church with special focus on women serving Jesus.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 444 - Christology
-This course is an in-depth course covering the Person and work of Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus Christ? The Biblical text dealing with Jesus' virgin birth, His sinless life, His temptations, ministry, message, and His passion week will be dealt with. The student will be required to do extensive research on the Divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 450-59 - Project in Theology
-Students may seek approval for specialized directed study in a theological area. Specially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
---------------------------------------------------------(1 to 2 credits)

TH 460 - Post-Modernism vs. Christianity
-Today's culture is in a major intellectual shift which will seriously effect the future of theology and the Christian Life. Post modernism designates this new mood. The study will focus on and attempt to define this ideology and present biblical objectives, doctrines and responses to this major intellectual, social and cultural shift.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 470 - Future Millennial Kingdom
-This course will introduce the student to the biblical hope of the future earthly reign of Christ. It will acquaint the student with the promises of God as relate to the future earthly kingdom of God.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 535 - Walk Through The Bible
-Seeing the Lord Jesus in All the Scriptures. The Divine Plan of Redemption as unfolded in the inspired Scriptures. The key to understanding the Bible is found in the truth about the Savior. The complete story of the coming of the Messiah will be revealed- the Central Figure of all ages and the certainty of things to come in the future.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)


CO 201 - Introduction to Christian Counseling
-A survey of the general field of counseling philosophy and techniques. Basic topical areas will be considered and also compared to secular psychology.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

CO 210 - Theology of Counseling
-A unique but Biblical approach relating various doctrinal areas to the philosophical foundation and functional implementation of Christian counseling.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

CO 301 - Nouthetic Counseling
-An introduction to the basic concepts and precepts of this expression of Biblical counseling, including a consideration of Scriptural directives.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)
CO-301E - Nouthetic Counseling
- This ecourse provides a study of what is becoming a powerful force in the body of Jesus Christ- Nouthetic Counseling. The student is introduced to the principles and precepts of this theologically based form of counseling. In view of the fact that we find so many non-Christian, non-Biblical counseling techniques and philosophies, with methodologies being employed which contradict the Word of God, the Christian must know what God's Word has to say about this vital subject.

          -(3 credits)

CO 310 - Pastoral Counseling
-A basic study of basic skills, methodology and application for the setting of pastoral ministry to guide people with problems toward solutions.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

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