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HM 330 - Biblical Homiletics
-Instruction is given in the art of sermon preparation and delivery. Attention is given to Scripture reading and long-term sermon preparation. Students are required to prepare and preach three times during the semester and are evaluated in class through discussion, interview and a system of rating based on message content, clarity and conclusion. The focus is on expository preaching.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)


MA 101 - General College Math (MA 113)
-An emphasis on application problem/problem solving is in this arithmetic-based course. Real numbers, ratios, percents, formulas, statistics, and selected topics for consumers are studied. Classroom math problems will be discussed and resolved. Also testing is done on a regular basis to assist the student in comprehension.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)


SC 101 - Creation Science
-A study of the questions of origins examined within the Biblical and historical framework of the Genesis record of literal creation. Evidences for Biblical creation in the areas of design, information science, biology, thermo-dynamics, geology and anthropology. Also discussed will be the two model approach to education and fallacies of evolution, gradualism and uniformitarianism. Lecture supplemented by video and Lab.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)


TH 101 - Bible Doctrine I
-A general survey of Bible doctrine dealing with five of the ten major areas of systematic theology: Bibliology, Theology Proper, Christology, Pneumatology and Angelology.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 101A - Theology Proper
-An in-depth examination of God- His existence and sovereignty. The different views of God will be explored.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH101AE -Theology Proper
-This ecourse is a full, in-depth study of the doctrin of God. The study will contain all of the attributes and appellations of God. There will be special emphasis on the sovereignty and tri-unity of God, and its effect on Biblical Christianity.   
                                 -(3 credits)

TH 101E - Bible Doctrines I

  -This ecourse provides a study of the cardinal Biblical doctrines of the historic Christian faith. The student will be introduced to the doctrines of God (Theology Proper), Jesus Christ (Christology), the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology),  Man (Anthropology), the Scriptures (Bibliology), and Salvation (Soteriology). Some forty other doctrinal summaries will be perused and put in proper perspective relative to major doctrines.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 102 - Bible Doctrine II
-A continuation of the general survey of Bible doctrine with the second section of major areas of systematic theology: Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology. (It is suggested that TH 101 be taken first.)
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)
TH-102E - Bible Doctrines II

-This ecourse provides a study of the cardinal Bible doctrines of the historic Christian faith. The student will be introduced to the doctrines of the Church (Ecclesiology), the Scriptures (Bibliology), Angels (Angelology, Satan (Demonology, and Last Things (Eschatology). 

                                               -(3 credits)

TH 102-B or TH-103- Sin and Salvation
-Examination of the doctrines of sin and salvation including the origin of sin and the full extent of sin and its effect upon humanity. By necessity it includes the doctrine of Christology as it relates to salvation. (It is suggested that TH 101 be taken first.)
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 201 - Church History I
-A chronological study of Christianity from the first century to the reformation, with emphasis on important persons, events and theological trends affecting the direction and character of the church.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 202 - Church History II
-A continuation of the chronological study of Christianity, from the reformation to the present (Prerequisite: TH 201)
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH-201E - History of Christianity I (Zondervan)
- This ecourse is a study of the Church from its inception at Pentecost to the beginning of the Reformation in A.D.1517. Foundational in the study will be a concerted emphasis on the meager beginning in the upper room and the phenomenal growth from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria and ultimately to the uttermost parts of the Earth.  

                                               (3 credits)

TH 201-02 - Journey Through the Ages "The Kingdom of God" (7000 Year Biblical Timeline)

-A "Big Picture" overview of Biblical History, including people and events, from Creation through the End of Times (Genesis through Revelation) Blended with World Empires, American History- Presidents, Wars, Discoveries and much more)
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 301 - Biblical Theology of the New Testament
-A survey of the development of God's revelation in the NT and the identification of theological themes in both testaments with emphases of certain writers.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 304 - Biblical Theology of the Old Testament
-A Survey of the development of God's revelation in the Old Testament and the identification of theological themes in both testaments with emphasis of certain human authors.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 305- How The Only True God Is Revealed
-(Internal Course Only) This study is an introduction to the several ways God is made known. God reveals Himself to mankind in order to guide us to faith and fellowship. The student will become familiar with the unique ways God reveals Himself to mankind.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 310-Bible Interpretation (Hermeneutics)
-same as BI 110.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 321 - Biblical Evidences (Apologetics)
-A basic survey of the Scriptural concept and methodology in the defense of the Biblical Christian faith, with special consideration of various approaches.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 342 - Comparative Theology and Philosophy
-An examination of various tenets and trends in secular and religious systems of thought regarding the existence of man and God in the framework of a world-view.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 342E - Calvinism Exposed
- This ecourse will revela some major teachings of Calvinism that are in conflict with Biblical truth. The main theme of this study will be Calvinism's misrepresenttion of God. This course is also available as an external course, as well as an ecourse.

                                                 -(3 credits)

TH 350 - The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
-A study of the Biblical doctrine of the Holy Spirit - the third person of the Godhead (Trinity). Emphasis will be on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, with the focus on the practical application in one's life today.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 355 - Angelology
-A Biblical study of angels, both good and evil, and thier work in the world today, as revealed in the Scripture.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 360 - Christian Ethics
-An introduction of basic ethical issues and problems and their impact on the life of the believer in contemporary society.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 365 - Spiritual Gifts
-A survey of Biblical spiritual gifts. This course will study all of the gifts. As found in the Bible. Some of the gifts are timeless (continuous). Others are temporal (have ceased). The course will also allow the students to discover individual gifts and the application for daily living. (See also Biblical Gifts BI-126)
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 370- Ecclesiology- The Master's Plan for the Church
-A study of the anatomy of the New Testament church, including people, purpose and pattern of the church. The course will examine the offices of the church and the Biblical requirements for serving. A required course.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

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