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BI 220 - Poetical Books
-Basic principles for approaching Hebrew poetry.  An in-depth study of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon that includes authorship and provenance, literary structure, canonicity, purpose and meaning.
---------------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 230 - Major Prophets
-An expository analysis and survey of the major prophetic books of the Old Testament. The course notes the function of these prophets in history as well as their Messianic, eschatological, and practical teachings.
-----------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 232 - Isaiah (external course only)
-Learn of the Prophet Isaiahís predictions concerning the nation of Israel and the nations that mistreated Israel, and God words of comfort concerning Israelís future, as well as Godís Word to men, and the reliability of Godís prophetic Word.
---------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 234 - The Writings of Jeremiah
-Based upon the historical exegesis of each chapter of the Book of Jeremiah. Learn of this prophet's predictions concerning the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, including God's words of warning.
-----------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 236 - Ezekiel
-Learn about the prophet Ezekiel who lived, spoke, and wrote to the Jewish people while they were exiled in Babylon. Know the prophetic truths that offer hope for the restoration and renewal of Israel.
-------------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 238 - Daniel
-Study of the historical and prophetic significance of this important eschatological book. With exegesis and exposition of selected passages including the ministry of Daniel in captivity with practical application and the telescoping outline of prophetic events of chaps. 7-12.
------------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 240 - Minor Prophets
-An expository analysis of the final twelve prophetic books of the Old Testament. The course notes the function of these prophets in history as well as their messianic, eschatological, and practical teachings.
----------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 250 - The Return of the Remnant
-A study of the Biblical theology of the return of the remnant, (i.e.) Those faithful few would survive the onslaughts of the Assyrian army, illustrated by the remarkable deliverance of the Jewish people in Jerusalem from the siege of the city by the Assyrians. The study will examine subject text found in Amos, Hosea, Micah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Zechariah. The faithfulness of God and his promise will be the theme.
---------------------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 251 - Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther
-Survey of the post-exilic historical books. Contents of Ezra and Nehemiah, with highlights of Esther, and major events of the inter-testamental period.
--------------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 260 - Wisdom Literature
-Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. A survey of the background, authorship, and major themes of these books.
------------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 262 - Job: Trial, Triumph & the Sovereignty of God
-"Why Bad Things Happen To Good People" and other themes are explored in this immensely practical and often misunderstood of the oldest written books of the Bible. Emphasis on the theological and creation truths expounded.
---------------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 264 - Lessons for Life Learned the Hard Way
-Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, exploring the profound interrelationship between these two books and the practical application of the themes and issues developed.
--------------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 266 - Song of Solomon
-A typological-historical study of the Song of Solomon, with particular interest paid to the figures and their Christological implications while adhering to its true historical context.
--------------------------------------(3 credits)

BI 301 - The Gospel of Matthew
-The student will study the content, context, style, date, places and audience of the Gospel of Matthew. Authorship will be studied with the focus on Christ as the King and those of His Kingdom. Attention will be given to the sermon on the mount and its application for life today. Each student will select a topic from the Gospel of Matthew for an in-depth research project for the semester.
----------------------------------------(3 credits)

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