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12021 Old St. Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32258
(904) 262-8275
Admissions: 1-800-GO-BIBLE

Seminary Professor's Recommendation

(Full name of applicant)

has applied for admissions to Conservative Theological University and has given your name as a reference. Will you please fill out this reference form at your earliest convenience and return it directly to the admissions office at the above address.

Be advised that due to the family educational rights and privacy act of 1974, after matriculation the applicant has the right of access to this document unless he or she has signed the waiver statement below. If the waiver statement is not signed and there is information that you prefer to communicate personally, you may call the
director of admissions at 1-800-GO-BIBLE.

I willingly waive my right of access to see this recommendation, knowing that this waiver is NOT required as a condition for admissions.

Signature of Applicant _____________________________________________________________

Please check on each line the term which best applies.

1. Teachability
__ Repeated Encouragement __ Slow but retains well __ Learns readily __ Superior

2. Dependability
__ Not dependable __ Needs supervision __ Usually reliable __ Thoroughly dependable

3. Judgment
__ Unable to make decisions __ Makes snap judgments __ Uses good common sense __ Demonstrates superior judgment

4. Initiative
__ Needs constant supervision __ Relies somewhat upon others __ Ably carries through assignments __ Anticipates needs; is resourceful

5. Accuracy
__ Too many errors __ Somewhat accurate__ Satisfactory __ High degree of accuracy

6. Quality of work
__ Careless __ Acceptable but needs improvement __ Entirely satisfactory __ Outstanding

7. Quantity of work
__ Has to be prodded __ Acceptable but needs improvement __ Is a good __ Is an unusually producer rapid worker

8. Attitude toward studies
__Definitely uninterested __ Rather matter-of-fact __ Industrious __ Enthusiastically interested

9. Attitude toward fellow students
__ Reluctant to cooperate __ Makes little contribution __Gets along well __ Helps others

10. Attitude toward teachers
__ Difficult to handle __ Somewhat unresponsive __ Generally cooperative __ Usually helpful & cooperative

Have you found the applicant consistently honest? __ Yes __ No
If not, please comment. (If you do not have sufficient space, please use another sheet of paper.)




Signature of Professor _____________________________________________________________________Date ____________________

Position ___________________________________________________________ School _____________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone (include area code) _____________________________________________________________________________________


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