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     The Master of Arts Degree Program is a professional graduate degree which is designed to equip ministers and other Christian workers with the skills and Biblical knowledge required to serve in the various areas of their calling.

     The MA degree program requires completion of a core of Biblical studies in addition to collateral studies in the broad range of choices in major emphasis areas for ministry focus.
          *Biblical Studies
          *Christian Counseling
          *Middle East Judaic studies
          *Religious Education

On Campus/e-Course and External Studies
     The MA Degree Program may be completed while residing anywhere in the world, without interruption of your present ministry responsibilities. The MA Degree Program may also be completed in the traditional classroom setting on the campus of CTU in Jacksonville, Florida. You could also do a combination of study methods.

Transfer Credit
     Students who have attended other qualified colleges or seminaries may receive up to six semester hours credit* toward a CTU MA Degree for courses comparable in content and quality.

Prior Learning Assessment Credit (PLA)
     Students who have significant professional and/or ministry experience may secure up to six semester hours credit* toward a CTU MA Degree by satisfactorily completing a prior Learning assessment after application acceptance, by CTU guidelines, and with advisor guidance. (See general brochure for more information.)

Fees and Tuition
     See the Schedule of Fees and Tuition.

Curriculum Design

MA Programs-36 Semester hours Credit with thesis (reqired)


Basic Studies                            21

BS 5100 Old Testament Intro I
BS 5100 Old Testament Intro II
BS 5110 New Testament Intro I
BS 5111 New Testament Intro II
BS 5141 Hermeneutics
TH 5310 Bible Doctrines I
TH 5320 Bible Doctrines II

Bible Electives                            9

General Electives                       6

TOTAL-                         36 credits


Basic Studies 18
PC 5410 Intro. Nouthetic Counseling
PC 5411 Theology of Counseling
PC 5412 Adv. Nouthetic Counseling
PC 5424 Marriage/Family Counseling
PC 5425 Counseling Youth
PC 5413 Counseling Practicum

OT Electives                                6

NT Electives                                6

General Elective                         6

TOTAL-                         36 credits

*NOTE: A maximum of six-semester hours credit is possible between transfer and PLE credit. Thirty-semester hours credit must be taken directly with CTU in regular course work.

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