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CM 5820 - Taxes & the Ministry
-A study of the tax laws as applied to ministry will be covered. The focus will be on the pastor as employee or self-employed, to pay or not to pay social security taxes. Also discussed will be the obligation, if any, of the church to be responsible to the IRS as a reporter of members' gifts or deductions. The basics of this course will be just how much the church is affected by the current tax laws.
                                               (3 credits)

CM 5830 - US Legal Concepts
-This course is open to all students and is designed for the pastor, churchman, educator, administrator, businessman who would like to increase his understanding of those legal principles which apply to normal everyday business transactions. Contract, property, insurance, wills, trusts, and torts will be covered. Issues and regulations associated with Christian ministry will be detailed.
                                                (3 credits)

CM 5840 - Christian Schools & the Law
-A study of legal issues affecting Christian schools today. The attention will be given to "compliance" with local, state and federal regulations. The Biblical principle of obedience to Scripture will be the clear guide in all of the course. A review of the negative impact of governmental entanglement and illegal intrusion into the church will be discussed. The focus will be on the issues of the U. S. Constitution.
                                              (3 credits)

CM 5850 - Religious Freedom- Constitutional Liberties
-A detailed study of the U.S. Constitution and its associated amendments. Each amendment will focus on its impact on the local church. The student will be required to research the so-called "Wall of separation of church and state," and write a thorough paper on the subject.
                                                  (3 credits)

CM 5860 - Church Security
This course is vital for the church in a volatile society. It deals with the problems that demand security, the process that develops security, the people, the plan, and all the issues that must be understood and implemented for the protection of the church today. The study reviews actual cases of church burglary, robbery, vandalism, rape and murder. (Seminar)

                                                  (3 credits)


JS 5710-A - Historical Geography Bible Lands I
-A study of Bible geography and charts to understand geographical and political relationships between the Old and New Testament in the history of the Middle East, with special emphasis on the Old Testament.
------------------------------------------(3 credits)

JS 5710-B - Historical Geography Bible Lands II
-A study of Bible geography and charts to understand geographical and political relationships between the Old and New Testament in the history of the Middle East, with special emphasis on the New Testament.
-----------------------------------------(3 credits)

JS 5710-e Historical Geography of Bible Lands
- This e-course provides a study of the geography, locations of cities and people, and events that occurred in Bible lands. The student is provided a textbook with maps, and study charts that give valuable historical and thematic background explanations.
                                        (3 credits)

JS 5711 - History of Modern Israel
-A survey study of the background, events and movements which culminated in the rebirth of Israel as a nation in 1948, and the attendant struggles for security and peace. Prerequisite: JS 5710)
                                    (3 credits)

JS 5721 - Modem Arab-Israeli Conflict
-A study of the origins and development of the political crises that persist in the Middle East between Palestinian Arabs and Israelis, with emphasis on the confrontations and conflicts in recent years (Prerequisites: JS 5710 &11)
                                          (3 credits)

JS 5731 - Judaism and Christianity
-A comparative study of Judaism (Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed) and Christianity, with observations regarding their developing relationships.
                                               (3 credits)

JS 5741 - Zionism and the Holocaust
-A study of the worldwide movement which resulted in the partial re-gathering of Jews in their traditional homeland of Palestine and influence or impact of the Holocaust upon the Zionist Movement.
                                           (3 credits)

JS 5751 - Old Testament History
-An analysis of the transmissions, text and teachings of the OT books, including the authorship and theology.
                                        (3 credits)

JS 5761 - Tour of The Holy Land
- A 7 to 10 days personal journey in the land of Palestine. Walking where Jesus walked. Required to keep a daily journal and produce a 25 page research paper on a specific text, personality or historical, geographic location.
                                            (6 credits)

JS 5779 - Seminar in Judaic Studies
-Students may take non-CTU seminars with prior approval and specified reading and writing assignments. Specially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
                                           (3 credits)

JS 5789 -Project in Judaic Studies
-Students may seek approval for specialized directed study in a Judaic subject area. Specially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
                                                 (1 - 2 credits)

JS 5799 - Thesis in Judaic Studies
Research and writing on approved subject in Judaic Studies in lieu of prescribed courses of study in the student's degree program.
                                            (6 - 9 credits)

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