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MS 56l0-Mission Philosophy I
-Practical steps to formulation and articulation of the student's mission philosophy by comparing and integrating Scriptural teachings with the mission philosophies of various authors.
                                               (3 credits)

MS 5611 - Mission Philosophy II
-Builds upon the insights of mission philosophy I and takes the student to more mature and practical understandings by exploring the thoughts and practices of contemporary missionaries. Provides a working foundation for the ministry. (prerequisite: MS 5610)
                                                 (3 credits)

MS 5622 - Theology of Mission Ministry
-A practical study of Biblical foundations and Biblical avenues of approach in order to develop a mission mentality, one that can be used to communicate a mission mentality to the student's own congregation.
                                                  (3 credits)

MS 5635-Church Planting Principles and

-A study of practices that work in planting new churches that grow. Includes material designed to help the student understand demographics, sociologic factors and economic factors that influence ministry and the people involved.
                                              (3 credits)

MS 5640 - A Theology of Evangelism
-A study of the history, philosophy, methodology and practice of sharing one's faith with a variety of people and in differing circumstances.
                                                  (3 credits)

MS 5640-e - A Theology of Evangelism
- This e-course provides a practical study of evangelism by the examination of the Biblical foundations and methodology of sharing one's Christian faith and personal witness for Jesus Christ. The student is introduced to the Biblical command to "Go tell."  
                               (3 credits)

MS 5641 - Cults and Deviant Religions
-A study designed to acquaint the pastor, missionary and Christian worker with cults and religious movements that influence the community where he ministers. Clarifies the link between the Tower of Babel and the New Age movement.
                                             (3 credits)

MS 56410-e  Cults and False Religions
- This e-course is a study of the many cults of the world. It is designed to present a straightforward approach to the apostasy and heretical teachings found in the world. Since there are a multitude of cults existing today, this course presents a digest of some major cults in an honest and informative way.
        (3 credits)

MS 5642 - Is Islam Tolerant?
-Understand the true nature of Islam. Be aware of the ideology and theology of the Islamic Jihadists. Be armed with Biblical knowledge and information needed to be salt and light in the world.
                                                (3 credits)

MS 5645 - The Church's Master Plan
-A study of the Biblical principles for reaching the country with the Gospel. Biblical absolutes for soul winning and discipleship.
                                               (3 credits)

MS 5650 - Jewish Evangelism
-A study of the mandate, mission and methodology of evangelism to the Jews. Specifically, a study of how to use the Old Testament Scripture to lead a Jewish person to faith in the Messiah - Jesus. Actual soul-winning participation is required as part of this course.

MS 5679 - Seminar in Missions,
Evangelism or Church Growth

-Students may take non-CTU seminars in any of these areas with prior approval and specified reading and writing assignments. Especially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
                                       (1 - 3 credits)

MS 5689 - Projects in Missions, Evangelism
or Church Growth

-Students may seek approval for specialized directed study in any of these areas. Especially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
                                      (1 - 2 credits)

MS 5698-Thesis in Missions or Church Planting

-Research and writing on an approved subject in Missions or Church Planting in lieu of prescribed courses of study in a student's degree program.
                                                (6 - 9 credits)

MS 5699 - Thesis in Evangelism
-Research and writing on an approved subject in Evangelism in lieu of prescribed courses of study in the student's degree program.
                                            (6 - 9 credits)


CM 5801 - The Church, the Law, and You
-This course is designed to introduce the concepts of U.S. law as it relates to the church and the Christian. It will investigate the concept of separation of church and state and its understanding in religious circles. It will answer the question of Christians and politics from a Biblical approach.
                                        (3 credits)

CM 5810 - The Biblical Basis of Personal

This course is designed to introduce Pastors, Christian leaders and Bible students to the foundational premise of possessions. The study will cover stewardship, financial planning, budgeting, investments, insurance, retirement planning, taxes, etc. This course is fundamental for every Christian leader.
                                                (3 credits)

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