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TH 5362 - Christian Ethics
-A study of ethics according to the teachings of Christ and other New Testament sources, as applied to contemporary life.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5379 - Seminar In Theology
-Students may take non-CTU seminars with prior approval and specified reading and writing assignments. Especially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
                                                           (1 - 2 credits)

TH 5363 - Apologetics
-A study of the criticisms of the tenets of Christianity and the methodology of defending the truths of the Bible.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5389 - Project In Theology
-Students may seek approval for specialized directed study in a theological area. Specially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.
                                                           (1 - 2 credits)

TH 5398 - Thesis in Theology
-Research and writing on an approved subject in theology in lieu of prescribed courses of study in the student's degree program.
                                                               (6 credits)

TH 5399 - Thesis in Historical Studies
-Research and writing on an approved subject in historical studies in lieu of prescribed courses of study in the student's degree program.
                                                          (6 - 9 Credits)

TH 5400 - How Should We Then Live?
-An in-depth analysis of the key events in history which have formed our present culture, and thinking of humanity which brought those events to pass. The study is designed to shed light upon the characteristics of our culture and seek Biblical solutions to the various problems facing society.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5405 - Spiritual Gifts
-A survey of Biblical spiritual gifts. This course will study all of the gifts. As found in the Bible. Some of the gifts are timeless (continuous). Others are temporal (have ceased). The course will also allow the students to discover individual gifts and the application for daily living.
-------------------------------------------------------------(3 credits)

TH 5410 - Postmodernism vs. Christianity
-The study of today's cultural and intellectual shift which seriously affect the future of theology and Christian life. Postmodernism designates the new mood and this study will define this ideology and offer Biblical responses.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5412 - Comparative Theology
-An examination of a variety of religions, theological trends, and teaching. A major portion of the semester will examine Calvinism in view of conservative biblical truths.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5412-e - Calvinism Exposed
-This e-course will reveal some major teachings of Calvinism that are in conflict with Biblical truth. The main theme of this study will be Calvinism's misrepresentation of God.    (3 credits)

TH 5420 - Future Millennial Kingdom
-This course will introduce the student to the biblical hope of the future earthly reign of Christ. It will acquaint the student with the promises of God as relate to the future earthly kingdom of God.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5441-C - Is Islam Tolerant
-A study of Islam from its beginning 1400 years ago, noting the relationship to its surroundings throughout the world, particularly as it attains majority status. Explore the tolerance of Islam relating to its own adherent as well as other individuals and communities with different beliefs.Note the danger looming as the Muslims try to Islamize the world. (seminar)
                                                               (3 credits)


PC 5410 - Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling
-An introduction to the basic philosophy, principles and precepts of Nouthetic Counseling. A comparison contrast between secular psychology and Biblical anthropology as they relate to counseling.
                                                               (3 credits)

PC 5410-e Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling
- This e-course provides a study of what is becoming a powerful force in the body of Jesus Christ- Nouthetic Counseling. The student is introduced to the principles and precepts of this theologically based form of counseling. In view of the fact that we find so many non-Christian, non-biblical counseling techniques and philosophies,with methodologies being employed which contradict the Word of God, the Christian must know what God's Word has to say about this vital subject.
                                                        (3 credits)

PC 5411 - Theology of Counseling
-An in-depth study of Soteriology, Bibliology, Pneumatology and Hamaritology as they relate to the philosophical base and functional implementation of counseling. (Prerequisite:PC5410)
                                                               (3 credits)

PC 5412 - Advanced Nouthetic Counseling
-An implementation of those areas introduced in PC 5410, including methodology for change, question-asking techniques and the need for homework in counseling. (Prerequisites: PC 5410 & 11)
                                                               (3 credits)

PC 5413- Counseling Practicum
-A study of the counseling ministry of a selected Bible character focusing on observed insights and innovations, followed by submission of verbatim of counseling sessions conducted by the student. (Prerequisite: PC 5412)
                                                               (6 credits)

PC 5420 - Counseling Internship
-A practical experience providing assistance to individuals undergoing a variety of personal, family or marital problems. Students will evaluate, diagnose, prescribe, and direct a counseling program to seek improvement in the counselee's situation. To be carried out under the supervision of appropriate personnel. A minimum of 120 clock hours of acceptable verifiable activities is required.
(Pre-requisite PC 5412)
                                                               (6 credits)

PC 5424 - Marriage and Family Counseling
-A study that explores the basic philosophy and methodology of theologically-based marriage and family counseling, designed to help the counselor understand necessary principles and precepts involved in facing people who want solutions to their problems. (Prerequisite: PC 5410)
                                                               (3 credits)

PC 5425 - Counseling Youth
-A study of Biblically sound approaches to the problems of contemporary youth, with focus on understanding, solving and preventing problems.
                                                               (3 credits)

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