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TH 5300 - Ways God Is Made Known
This study is an introduction to the several ways God is made known. God reveals Himself to mankind in order to guide us to faith and fellowship. The student will become familiar with the unique ways God reveals Himself to mankind.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5310 - Bible Doctrines I
-A survey study of five of the major doctrines of Christianity, including the Scriptures, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and angels (including Satan).
                                                               (3 credits)
TH 5310-e  Bible Doctrines I
This e-course provides a study of the cardinal Biblical doctrines of the historic Christian faith. This course will introduce the student to the doctrines of God (Theology Proper), Jesus Christ (Christology), the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology), Man (Anthropology), the Scriptures (Bibliology), and Salvation (Soteriology). Some forty other doctrinal summaries will be perused and put in proper perspective relative to major doctrines.  (3 credits)

TH 5320 - Bible Doctrines II
-A continuation of survey study of the major doctrines of Christianity, covering the last five: man, sin, salvation, the Church, and last things.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5320-e Bible Doctrines II
-This e-course provides a study of the cardinal Bible doctrines of the Christian faith. This course will introduce the student to the doctrines of the Church (Ecclesiology), the Scriptures (Bibliology), Angels (Angelology), Satan (Demonology), and Last Things (Eschatology).     (3 credits)

TH 5325 - Contemporary Theology
-This course traces the trends and directions in today's theological landscape. The student will study the basic contemporary theologies as well as modern world trends. Some of the theologies of today as the theology hope, process theology, theologies of success and liberation theology are just a few of the contemporary theological trends and movements to be studied.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5330 - History of Christianity I
-A chronological study of the development of Christianity from the first century to the reformation, with emphasis on important persons and events affecting the direction and character of Christianity.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5330-e  History of Christianity (Zondervan)
-This e-course is a study of the Church from its inception at Pentecost to the beginning of the Reformation in A.D. 1517. Foundational in the study will be a concerned emphasis on the meager beginning in the upper room and the phenomenal growth in the early part of the book of Acts which traces that predicted growth from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria and ultimately to the uttermost parts of the Earth.  (3 credits)

TH 5340 - History of Christianity II
-A continuation of history of Christianity I, covering the period from the reformation to the 20th Century. (Prerequisite: TH 5330)
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5330-40 - Journey Through the Ages "The Kingdom of God" (7000 Year Biblical Timeline)
-A "Big Picture" overview of Biblical History, including people and events, from Creation through the End of Times (Genesis through Revelation) Blended with World Empires, American History- Presidents, Wars, Discoveries and much more)
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5341 - Hermeneutics
-A study of general principles of Bible interpretation with consideration of various systems. Includes consideration and explanation of difficult passages and problem areas (prerequisites: BS 5100, 5101, 5110 and 5111, or their equivalent). Also listed as BS 5141.
                                                                (3 credits)

TH 5350 - Walk Through The Bible
-The Divine Plan of Redemption as unfolded in the inspired Scriptures. The key to understanding the Bible is found in the truth about the Savior. The complete story of the coming of the Messiah will be revealed- the Central figure of all ages and the certainty of things to come in the future
                                                                (3 credits)

TH 5351 - Bibliology and Pneumatology
-A study of the Bible and its Author, the Holy Spirit.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5352 - Theology Proper

-An in-depth study of God- His existence and sovereignty. The different views of God will be explored.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5352-e Theology Proper  - This e-course is a full, in-depth study of the doctrine of God. The course will study all of the attributes and appellations of God. There will be special emphasis on the sovereignty and tri-unity of God, and its effect on biblical Christianity.   (3 credits)

TH 5352-B -  Christology
-An in-depth study of the person and work of Jesus Christ. Who was Jesus Christ? This course will consider His birth, life, work, His temptations and sinless blood.
 (3 credits)

TH 5353 - Angelology and Anthropology
-A study of created intelligences. (Prerequisite: TH 5352)
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5354 - Hamartiology and Soteriology
-A study of sin and its remedy.
(Prerequisite: TH 5353)
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5355 - Ecclesiology- The Doctrine of the Church
- (External course) A study of the New Testament Church and officees of the Church, including the autonomy of the church.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5356 - Eschatology - "Things to Come"
-An in-depth study of the future of the world from a Biblical perspective - focus will be on the rapture, the tribulation, the resurrection and Christ's return.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5356-A - Panorama of Prophecy
-An in-depth overview of every event in the Biblical text relating to the Rapture, Ruin, Return and Reign of Jesus Christ. A must for every Bible student that is serious about knowing Future Events.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5356-e Panorama of Prophecy
-This e-course will provide an analysis of the events of the last days (eschatology). The course includes a survey of biblical prophecy from the pre-millennial, pre-tribulation perspective. All major eschatological events will be surveyed in chronological order. Each event will be referenced with the pertinent scriptural passages. The more important events will be analyzed with greater emphasis.               (3 credits)

TH 5357 - The Role of Women in Ministry
-The analysis of the Biblical texts relates to pastors, teachers and deacons in the New Testament Church with special focus on women serving Jesus.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5358 - Old Testament Theology
-A survey of the development of theology through the Old Testament, including unique features of theology as revealed through individual writers. (Prerequisites: TH 5310 & 20)
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5359 - New Testament Theology
-A survey of the development of theology through the latter testament, including unique features of theology as revealed through individual writers. (Prerequisites: TH 5310, 5320 and 5358)
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5360 - Ecclesiology- The Doctrine of the Church
-(Internal course) A study of the New Testament Church and offices of the Church, including the calling of pastors and deacons. The study will examine the purpose and pattern of the church. This is a required course.
                                                               (3 credits)

TH 5361 - Comparative Philosophies
-A study of philosophy with emphasis on the errors of secular humanism and other approaches to the nature of man and the world.
                                                               (3 credits)

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