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(Following are Bible Book studies: in each case the book or books will have an investigation of the major teachings; no additional descriptions will be given with the respective books or sections.)

BS 5210-Genesis                     (3 credits)

BS 5211 Exodus                      (3 credits)

BS 5212 Leviticus                   (3 credits)

BS 5213 Numbers                  (3 credits)

BS 5214 Deuteronomy          (3 credits)

BS 5215 The Pentateuch      (3 credits)

BS 5216 Joshua, Judges and Ruth
                                                    (3 credits)

BS 5217 Israelite Kings and Kingdoms
-I & II Samuel, I & II Kings, I & II Chronicles
                                                  (3 credits)

BS 5218 Major Prophets   -Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel     (3 credits)

BS 5218-A      The Book of Isaiah  
                                                    (3 credits)

BS 5218-C      The Book of Ezekiel  
                                                    (3 credits)

BS 5219 Minor Prophets   -Hosea through Malachi                                     (3 credits)

BS 5220 Isaiah-Jeremiah-Lamentations
                                                   (3 credits)

BS 5221 Ezekiel and Daniel
                                                   (3 credits)

BS 5222 Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther
                                                    (3 credits)

BS 5223 Hebrew Poetry in the Old Testament
-Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon.           (3 credits)

BS 5224 - Psalms                      (3 credits)

BS 5225 Exposition of Psalm 119 (Seminar Only)
- An exposition of Psalm 119 centering on the Bible, the Word of God and knowing God through knowing His word. Special emphasis on the homiletic value of this great chapter. Preparation of expository sermon outlines will be required.                          (3 credits)

BS 5225 The Book of Jeremiah (external course)
Based upon the historical exegesis of each chapter of the Book of Jeremiah. Learn of this prophet's predictions concerning the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, including God's words of warning.                          (3 credits)

BS 5231 Matthew                     (3 credits)

BS 5232 Mark                             (3 credits)

BS 5233 Luke                             (3 credits)

BS 5234 John                            (3 credits)

BS 5235 Acts                             (3 credits)

BS 5236 Romans                      (3 credits)

BS 5237 I and II Corinthians    (3 credits)

BS 5238 Galatians, I and II Thessalonians
                                                       (3 credits)

BS 5239 Prison Epistles
-Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon                                        (3 credits)

BS 5240 Pastoral Epistles
-I and II Timothy, Titus                    (3 credits)

BS 5240-e - Pastoral Epistles
-This e-course will take an in-depth examination of the Pastoral Epistles: I and II Timothy, and Titus. The main focus will be on the Minister, the Ministry, and the Biblical mandate with an everyday application in the life of the student of God's Word.
----------------------------------------(3 credits)

BS 5241 Hebrews                     (3 credits)

BS 5242 General Epistles       (3 credits)

BS 5243 The Revelation         (3 credits)

BS 5279 Paul's Missionary Journeys
-A study of the Apostle Paul's life and ministry with special emphasis on the book of Acts and his later epistles. The historical and geographic aspect will increase relevance in the student's own life and ministry.                        (3 credits)

BS 5280  Parables and Miracles of Jesus
-An analysis of Jesus' parables and miracles. The focus will be on the application of Biblical miracles and parables in the Christian life.                                                      (3 credits)

BS 5280-e - The Parables of Jesus
-This e-course study is an introductory overview of the parables of Jesus as found in the synoptic Gospels. Using the Bible and the textbook, the student will be given a view of understanding the purpose of the parables.
(3 credits)

BS 5280-B  Miracles of Jesus
-An analysis of Jesus' miracles. The focus will be on the biblical application for the believer. The analysis of the miracle to determine what constitutes a biblical miracle.                                                      (3 credits)

BS 5289  Project In Biblical Studies
-Students may seek approval for specialized directed study in a Bible studies area especially appropriate when fill-in credit is needed.                                 (3 credits)

BS 5299 Thesis in Biblical Studies
-Research and writing on an approved subject in a Bible studies area in lieu of prescribed courses of study in the student's degree program.                          (6 - 9 credits)

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