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GT 5700 - Graduate Tutorial
-An introduction to CTU programs, methodology, research and writing requirements and course program guidelines. (Required)
                      (3 credits)


BS 5100-Old Testament Survey
-A survey course, an overview of the entire Old Testament, with emphasis on authorship, dates, themes, content and the message for today.
                          (3 credits)

BI 5110e - Old Testament Survey
-This ecourse provides the student with a foundational study of the authorship, date, and contents of the books of the Old Testament. This course will also put each book in perspective as it relates to the events of the Old Testament.
---------------------------------(3 credits)

BS 5101-Biblical Covenants
-A Scriptural study of the seven Biblical Covenants that are written in the inspired Scriptures. The Bible is a Book of Promises, and God's promises are sometimes given in the form of "covenants".
.                          (3 credits)

BS 5110-New Testament Survey
-A basic study of Christ's life as seen in the study of the New Testament. The inauguration of the church, the ministry and message of the Gospel and writings of the Apostles, a survey of each of the New Testament books including authorship and theme.
                              (3 credits)

BI-5110E- New Testament Survey
- This ecourse provides the student with a foundational study of the authorship, date, and contents of the books of the New Testament. Major themes, doctrines, and events will be examined. The course will put each book in perspective as it affects the teachings of the rest of the New Testament. 
                  (3 credits)

BS 5121- Old Testament Historical Books
-Introduction to the books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah. Learn the historical setting and spiritual lessons to know how God reveals His sovereignty through the events of history.
                         (3 credits)

BS 5131-Study of New Testament Literature (Survey)
-A chronological and parallel approach to the literature of the NT in consideration of the uniqueness and harmonization of the various sections. Special emphasis is given to persons, events and messages.              (3 credits)

BS 5141 - Hermeneutics
- A study of general principles of Bible interpretation with consideration of various systems. Includes consideration and explanation of difficult passages and problem areas (Prerequisites: B55100, 5101, 5110, and 5111, or their equivalent). Also listed as TH-5141.
                              (3 credits)


BS 5145-Inspiration & Canonicity of the Scriptures
- A survey of the evidence from early Christian centuries as to why our present New Testament books were chosen. The analysis of the inspiration and authority of the Scriptures including the history of acceptance of the Old Testament and New Testament Canon.
                        (3 credits)

BS 5145-e - How We Got Our Bible
This e-course will introduce the student to the claims of the Bible to be God's revelation to mankind. Included in this e-course are helpful insights into topics such as Biblical Creation, inerrancy of Scripture, Purpose and meaning of life, and How we interpret the Bible. We will explore whether there are contradictions in the Bible.
-----------------------------------------(3 credits)

BS 5151-Creationism and Scriptural Evidences
- A study of the creation and origin of the earth in light of scientific and Scriptural evidences, with emphasis on the problems faced by evolutionists.
                          (3 credits)

BS 5152 - Biblical Archaeology
- A survey study of archaeological excavations in Bible lands, with emphasis on the methodology, chronology, deciphering and geographical arrangement in archaeological sites.
                        (3 credits)

BS 5161 - Basic Greek Grammar
- An introductory study of Greek grammar to equip the student with a foundation for studying the Greek New Testament as a vital tool for the ministry. Lays foundation for more advanced study. (On Campus Only)
                   (3 credits)

BS 5162 - Intermediate Greek Grammar
- A continuing study of Greek grammar with emphasis on declensions and tenses, pronouns and prepositions, New Testament vocabulary and translation (Prerequisite: BS5161). (On Campus Only)       
    (3 credits)

BS 5163 - Advanced Greek Grammar
- A continuing study of Greek grammar covering
language mechanics, irregular terms, New Testament vocabulary and translations (Prerequisite: BS5162). (On Campus Only)
                          (3 credits)


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