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     The Doctor of Religious Education (EdD) Degree Program offered by Conservative Theological University is unique among graduate degree programs available today.

     Rooted in the philosophy that "the only good study is self-study", the Conservative Theological University EdD Program requires that the candidate be self-disciplined and possess the initiative and innovation characteristics of one working at the doctoral level.

     The Doctor of Religious Education degree program requires the successful execution of 48 semester hours of graduate study, including the production of an academic dissertation. The program design is for academic scholarship and is exclusively a research program in variously designated fields. Research includes the areas of history of christian education, theology of christian education, philosophy of Christian education, and related fields.

     While practical throughout, the program's primary purpose is extensive research in the candidate's selected field with the view to a product monograph that will contribute substance to that area of investigation.

     The bi-monthly submissions of research work are carefully evaluated for quality, content and structure, and the competency of the candidate by the Faculty. Each phase is analyzed and balanced by the candidate's personal goals, allowing the candidate uninhibited scholastic freedom in pursuit of the studies. Simultaneously, the graduate professional recognizes his responsibility in academic and theological guidance. The candidate therefore must demonstrate how his studies would benefit academia and the Christian community.

     The program requires a combination of supervised reading, survey of recognized scholars in the area of study-focus, personal interviews of scholars of renown, structured instruction, tutorials, and the writing of a dissertation.


     The applicant must possess a Master of Theology or Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent and demonstrate competency in Biblical-theological knowledge in addition to the related field of his intended investigation. Additionally, an applicant must demonstrate sufficient rationale for pursuing the degree. Where the applicant's attainments demonstrate less than normally expected for entrance into the program, special evaluation by the graduate admissions council may be required.


     All grading is based upon the soundness and competency of the scholarship involved and will be graded as either pass or fail. It is assumed that any individual who has attained unto the level of program acceptance is competent to complete it.


     The normal time for completion of the Doctor of Religious Education degree program is 24 months. Depending upon one's self-discipline, less time may be required. Any extension of the program time beyond 36 months must have special approval.


1. Complete and submit the application for admissions.
2. Enclose the application fee of $25.00, payable to Conservative Theological University.
3. Request all appropriate certified transcripts to be sent directly to the university.
4. Request the submission of three recommendations as indicated in the application for admission.
5. Signed statement of faith.

     As soon as these items have been received, your application will be processed by the office of admissions. Upon acceptance, you will receive procedural instructions for commencing your first phase of studies.

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