1. An application form completed, signed and dated by both parents or guardians.
  2. Payment of all required fees.
  3. An entrance/placement test if deemed necessary by C.C.A. (Cost is $100 per student)
  4. A personal interview of the parents and prospective students by the administration.
  5. A request signed by the parents for the student's complete transcript from the previous school to be sent directly to C.C.A.
  6. Properly completed and signed School/Parent Financial Contract.
  7. Filing with C.C.A. a report of the student's physical exam which must have been obtained within the previous six (6) months from a physician of your choice.
  8. A record of complete immunizations as required for students in the State of Florida.
  9. The completed enrollment packet, with all fees being paid, will be reviewed and decided upon by the Admissions Board. The decision of the Admissions Board will be final as to admission or denial of the student.
  10. Approval or denial notification will be given in writing from the Administrator.

For more information about the Conservative Christian Academy
please email us: fcbc@conservative.edu
or call 904.268.7778

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