Radio Broadcasts Archive

Radio Broadcast Archive

"Let's Face The Issues", Dr. Youngblood's half hour radio broadcasts began on FM 91.9, 91.7 and 91.3 on June 13, 2016. The program can be heard live from 5:00-5:30 P.M. Monday through Friday, via the internet from anywhere at (type that in with no spaces!)
1.June 13, 2016First Broadcast, IntroIslamic terrorist attack, school bathrooms, slot machines.
2.June 14, 2016Second BroadcastGun control, school bathrooms, slots
3.June 15, 2016Third BroadcastRemember God is still on His throne
June 16, 2016Fourth BroadcastSecond Amendment, Liberal Push, Jihadist killed homosexuals
5.June 17, 2016Fifth BroadcastSchool board, open bathrooms, Target, Sharia Law
6.June 20, 2016Sixth Broadcastgun control, Islamic terrorist, Sharia, school bathrooms, churches get govt $$ for refugee resettlement
7.June 21, 2016Seventh Broadcastchronology of prophetic text to The Rapture.
8.June 22, 2016Eighth BroadcastIslamic terrorism,
9.June 23, 2016Ninth BroadcastSlot machines, Duval County bathroom policy, Anti-Christ
10.June 24, 2016Tenth BroadcastNational borders, Last Days, Dr Vitti and bathroom policy
11.June 27, 2016Eleventh BroadcastAmerican Independence, End times,
12.June 28, 2016Twelfth BroadcastHoly Matrimony originates from God, not the State.
13.June 29, 2016Thirteenth BroadcastIslamic Threat, President and the Supreme Court, Slot machines
14.June 30, 2016Fourteenth BroadcastReligious Liberty
15.July 1, 2016Fifteenth BroadcastGod and America, transgender in military, school bathrooms, Last days, apostates