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Some Archived Podcasts from 2019

1/2/2019   Facing the Future
1/4/2019   Invite Jesus into Your Heart?

1/7/2019   Are Walls Immoral?
1/8/2019   A National Crisis
1/9/2019   Media Outrage over Truth
1/14/2019   Hate Crime Against Christians
1/15/2019   Should Bible Be Taught in School?
1/16/2019   Election Chaos- Guest Don Redman
1/17/2019   Are the Ten Commandments Obsolete?
1/18/2019   Is All Scripture Valid?
1/22/2019   A Few Good Men. Guest Don Redman
1/24/2019   Toxic Masculinity
1/28/2019   Barbarism- Murder by Abortion Legal
1/30/2019   The Final Stages of the War on Christianity
1/31/2019   Say NO to HRO in Florida

2/4/2019   Interview Rep. Mike Hill
2/6/2019   Freedom of Speech vs. Hate Speech
2/7/2019   Putting the Bible in School- Interview Kimberly Daniels
2/11/2019 From Euthanasia to Infanticide to Servitude 
2/13/2019   The Race Is On
2/25/2019   Is Crime a Disease?
2/26/2019   Who Decides Who Lives and Who Dies?

3/5/2019   God in Government

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